Argue trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

argue against Tranh luận chống lại
authors argue Tác giả tranh luận
critics argue Các nhà phê bình tranh luận
others argue Những người khác tranh luận
scholars argue Các học giả tranh luận

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Các ấn phẩm và câu ví dụ
Washington Post
· Russia and West in showdown over aid to Syria’s rebel area  
Russia, Syria’s closest ally, has argued that aid should be delivered from within Syria across conflict lines.
Seeking Alpha
· Lowe's Vs. Home Depot: A Successful Duopoly  
However, Lowe’s does have an ace in the hole currently arguing for purchase.
· UN cross-border aid to Syria hangs on Russian decision  
Russia and China argue that the UN authorization violates Syria's sovereignty, and that aid can increasingly be channeled through Syrian authorities.
· Michel Barnier's mask slips: Brexiteer pinpoints EU chief's critical weakness in FTA talks  
The MP for North West Leicestershire also argued that there is no point in extending the transition period, despite some claiming it was needed amid the coronavirus crisis.
The Japan Times
· Japan’s coal closure plan a historic milestone, but what’s next?  
But many utilities and heavy industries opposed a drastic increase in renewables, arguing that coal (as well as natural gas) was safer, more stable and a more secure energy source than renewables.
· British Steel made with Russian coal leaves North East miners jobless  
“Highthorn is better for the North East because it will provide jobs and will provide £100 million investment,” argues Styles.
Washington Post
· Trump looks for political edge in latest high court rulings  
But Trump, in an effort to draw a contrast with presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden and stoke enthusiasm among social conservatives who played a pivotal role in elected the president four years ago, is using his defeats to argue that work in reshaping the court is only just getting started.
· EU farming farce: France receives nearly THREE times more funding than UK  
France, which is the bloc's second richest economy, has been protective over the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which Facts4EU argues is because it continues to be the biggest beneficiary of the subsidies handed out for farming.
The China Post
· 2 California counties, once defiant, see virus cases rise  
County leaders had passionately argued the two mostly rural counties shouldn’t be under the same rules as Los Angeles and other major population centers.
· Uber lets some California drivers set their own prices  
Labor advocates argue that Uber maintains control over its drivers, and as such, should be considered their employer.