Haberlerde Around

Örnek kollokasyonlar

area around Etrafındaki alan
around the country Ülkenin etrafında
around the world Dünya çapında
built around Çevreye inşaa etmek
revolves around Etrafında dönüyor

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The Age
· Smaller Target puts Big W in crosshairs  
But the benefits will be incremental at best, Woolworths shareholder Argo Investments' managing director Jason Beddow said, as Big W faces many of the same challenges confronting rival Target, primarily around differentiating its product offering away from low-cost leader Kmart.
Seeking Alpha
· The Arrival Of The 'Unavoidable Pension Crisis'  
“Over the past decade, public pensions had ramped up stockholdings and other risky investments to meet aggressive return targets that average around 7%.
The Age
· ‘Unifying moment’: Campaign aims to amplify Indigenous voice  
Around the same number said they would vote in favour of enshrining an Indigenous voice in the constitution at a referendum, and one in three were undecided.
· Bars, gyms reopen as Europe further emerges from coronavirus lockdown  
Around 60,000 volunteers in Italy will be tasked with ensuring people follow the government’s social distancing guidelines under a new plan unveiled by the country's Civil Protection Agency.
The Age
· Xi's bullying has backfired so far but there's a good reason why he's trying again  
They rejected his efforts to push them around.
The Age
· 'Kind of terrible': Lance Armstrong says stepfather used to beat him in new ESPN doco  
He said he chaperoned Armstrong during a trip to Bermuda for a triathlon and rented him a scooter to get around.
The Age
· Challenges at every turn if NRL wants fans back in stands on July 1  
We are opening restaurants and things like that but there are going to be a lot of people crowding around them.
The Guardian
· Tips, links and suggestions: what are you reading this week?  
Her language is poetic, the descriptions of the scenery around the Kentish marshes were beautifully written.
The Age
· Take lessons from First Nations to come out of COVID crisis a better country  
Our old people are constantly telling our young people to slow down and be connected with ourselves, our ancestors and the world around us, which is paramount for taking time to reflect, and observe how the world is shifting.
The Age
· Free TAFE enrolments almost double in first year, 118 per cent surge in female students  
“Teacher shortages is a problem that’s been around for a while, probably pre-free TAFE, but because of the new enrolments [last year] and the need we’re going to have to upskill people, it’s highlighted the issue,” she said.