“Assert” in the news

Publications and example sentences

The Independent
· Georgia governor accused of being ‘out of step’ after passing new legal protections for police officers  
“HB 838 was hastily drafted as a direct swipe at Georgians participating in the Black Lives Matter protests who were asserting their constitutional rights.”
Seeking Alpha
· Latest Memo From Howard Marks: Time For Thinking  
As for the stock market, several points are advanced to justify the current level - which is so mystifying to value investors - and assert its bright future:
Financial Express
· China became 'more aggressive' during COVID-19; deployed troops along LAC, says US Defense Secretary Mark Esper  
The world has seen China become “more aggressive” during the COVID-19 pandemic, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper has said, asserting that the country has deployed troops along the Line of Actual Control with India and is acting out in a way that is “inconsistent” with international norms.
· Money Heist plot hole: Fans spot huge issue with Tokyo's role in Part Three 'Unrealistic!'  
One viewer asserted Tokyo should have been arrested at the start of Part Three.
Malay Mail
· Former finance minister: Even Goldman says US$1.4b in assets are those seized by governments  
“In other words GS is asserting that its US$1.4 billion guarantee that Malaysia would receive from assets related to 1MDB seized by government authorities throughout the world will not likely cause GS to make any significant payments.
Seeking Alpha
· Etsy, Inc. (ETSY) CEO Josh Silverman on Q2 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
Currently our newer cohorts are performing better than our older cohorts, but this is an unusual time with fewer options for buyers, and with so much uncertainty about current and future macro conditions, we are not asserting that these newer cohorts will continue to outperform.
Financial Express
· China-backed attempt by Pakistan to discuss Kashmir issue at UNSC fails yet again: Indian diplomat  
He said that contrary to what Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi has asserted, there has been “no formal meeting of the Security Council on the India-Pakistan issue even once for the past 55 years, let alone three times!”
The Guardian
· Coronavirus live news: WHO surge team arrives in South Africa as global deaths top 700,000  
The post included video of Trump falsely asserting that children were “almost immune from Covid-19” during an appearance on Fox News.
Washington Post
· Legal scholars dispute Trump’s claim to power ‘nobody thought the president had’  
President Trump has routinely asserted his outsize view of presidential power, but his claim to unprecedented clout in recent weeks springs from an unlikely source: one of his defeats at the Supreme Court.