Haberlerde Associate

Örnek kollokasyonlar

associate degree Ön lisans
associate editor Yardımcı editör
associate professor Doçent
became an associate Ortak oldu
research associate Araştırma görevlisi

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Malay Mail
· Taking up a hobby may help stave off depression  
A further analysis of participants who did not have depression or a hobby at the beginning of the study also showed that taking up a hobby was associated with a 32 per cent reduced chance of developing depression.
The Age
· Should Josh Frydenberg's temporary disclosure rule be made permanent?  
He was most recently co-founder and associate editor of the Business Spectator website and an associate editor and senior columnist at The Australian.
The Age
· Bushfires left estimated 445 dead from smoke and a nation traumatised  
The extra health costs associated with the premature loss of life and admissions to hospitals was estimated to be $2 billion, Professor Fay Johnston, a specialist in environmental health at the University of Tasmania, told the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements.
The Guardian
· Australia's summer bushfire smoke killed 445 and put thousands in hospital, inquiry hears  
Associate Professor Fay Johnston, an environmental health expert from the University of Tasmania, said the health problems from bushfire smoke were much greater than the health impact of the fires themselves.
The Age
· Car found in state forest during hunt for missing father Dale Pantic  
His phone was later found in the hands of drug associates at Wurruk on the outskirts of Sale.
Seeking Alpha
· CEL-SCI: What's Next  
BMY became keenly aware of the challenges associated with Event-Driven studies.
The Age
· Whale entangled in rope still missing near Portland  
Tony Wright is the associate editor and special writer for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.
The Guardian
· Michael Moore film Planet of the Humans removed from YouTube  
Smith, who has previously worked on energy and environmental issues, said he did not want his work associated with something he disagreed with.
Seeking Alpha
· SFL Corporation: This Shipper Will Survive  
Note: The adjusted EBITDA includes 100% owned associates.
The New York Times
· The Future of College Is Online, and It’s Cheaper  
Mr. Taparia is a clinical associate professor at the New York University Stern School of Business.