Attack в новостях

Пример словосочетания

air attack Воздушная атака
attack against Нападать на
heart attack Инфаркт
surprise attack Неожиданная атака
terrorist attack Атака террориста

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Публикации и примеры предложений
The China Post
· Malaysia police raid Al Jazeera’s office, seize computers  
Al Jazeera said the raid was “an attack on press freedom as a whole” and urged Malaysian authorities to cease the criminal investigation.
The China Post
· UN experts: North Korea flouts sanctions on nukes, missiles  
The experts said in key sections of a report obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press that North Korea has also evaded sanctions through “targeted” cyber attacks against officials of countries on the U.N. Security Council and on members of its expert panel.
The New York Times
· Trading Concessions on Recovery Plan, Negotiators Set Week’s End Deadline for a Deal  
He noted that there was progress being made on Capitol Hill, but continued to attack Democrats even as his top advisers were seeking a compromise with them.
Bleacher Report
· Navy SEALs Suspend Relationship with Museum over Colin Kaepernick Jersey Video  
The Navy SEALs are ending their relationship with the NAVY Seal Museum after videos of a demonstration at the museum showing dogs attacking a man wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey went viral over the weekend.
· Coronavirus map LIVE: UK records lowest Tuesday death toll since lockdown began  
11.40pm update: 'Stay at home' UK lockdown slogan may have caused 40% rise in heart attacks
Sports Illustrated
· Four Browns Thoughts  
Njoku, should he feel attacked and opt to sulk, he could have another nothing year.
Washington Post
· Federal program offers new cybersecurity tool for elections  
The software identifies known threats as well as suspicious behavior that could indicate an attack.
· Trump says US generals tell him Beirut blast 'bomb of some kind'  
It seems to be, according to them -- they would know better than I would -- but they seem to think it was an attack.
BBC Sport
· England v Ireland: What we learned from hosts' series win  
At his home ground in Southampton it looked perfectly set for him to deliver - in the first game in particular he arrived at the crease early with England chasing 173 and Ireland's inexperienced bowling attack depleted because of injury.
The New York Times
· Blasts Rock Beirut, Killing Dozens and Wounding Thousands  
Although the thought of an attack was in the front of everyone’s mind, he warned against getting “ahead of the investigation” and speculating about a terrorist act.