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The China Post
· IMF: Mideast loses $270B oil income amid virus, recession  
While the IMF has for years been urging Gulf states to introduce tougher austerity measures, “we did not recommend the specific measure here” for Saudi Arabia, Azour said.
· IMF Turns More Downbeat on Mideast as Coronavirus Hit Persists  
Still, these do not qualify as austerity measures, said Jihad Azour, the IMF’s director for the Middle East and central Asia.
The Guardian
· Monday briefing: Councils lose millions in Covid-19 crunch  
The investments – part of an effort to find alternative income sources during austerity cuts – have been badly hit by virus lockdowns.
The Guardian
· Which English councils rely heavily on commercial investments?  
The investments were intended to create a revenue stream for cash-strapped councils, following a decade of austerity when central government grants were decimated.
The Guardian
· English councils poised to make cuts amid loss of commercial income  
The commercial investments, many acquired in a £7.6bn property spending spree in England over the past four years, were part of councils’ effort to find alternative incomes and protect local services that faced cuts or closure during a decade of deep austerity cuts.
The Guardian
· Pushing poor people into bad work: how British jobcentres operate  
Contrary to what the government is now saying about Leicester and “cultural sensitivities” being to blame for a failure to tackle sweatshops, the effects of austerity on workplace inspections are a connected part of the same story.
· Tax POLL: Would you support rise in tax to pay for coronavirus rescue fund? VOTE  
We will need spending cuts, or given a decade of austerity, perhaps more likely some tax rises
The Guardian
· Anne Applebaum: how my old friends paved the way for Trump and Brexit  
The left says austerity and inequality caused Brexit and Trump, proving they had always been right to oppose austerity and inequality.
The Independent
· I was optimistic about this brave new post-Covid world – until the Tories reminded us who they really are  
And in a few years’ time, long after Sunak has splashed the cash, built his career and moved on, austerity will be re-introduced.
The Guardian
· Only 12% want a return to the old ‘normal’ Britain after Covid-19  
There is little support, by contrast, for a return to austerity: only 17% of those polled think the government should cut funding for public services in the future, to pay back the money borrowed to respond to the crisis.