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austerity measures

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Al Jazeera
· Another British scandal, a sleight of hand and the same old story  
It is for all to see that austerity politics killed thousands and made many more suffer.
The Guardian
· UK faces backlog of 400,000 criminal cases due to coronavirus  
Even before the pandemic, some criminal cases were being listed more than a year ahead due to austerity cuts in the number of allocated judges’ sitting days.
The Guardian
· How Dominic Cummings became indispensable to Boris Johnson  
Other aspects of the programme, including ditching austerity, reflected long-held preoccupations of the prime minister’s.
The Guardian
· I'm a big sci-fi fan, but Covid? Too far-fetched  
But I’m not dead, thanks to austerity and all those thought experiments, that’s now a wonderful luxury, an unlooked-for plus in British life.
The Guardian
· Will Covid-19 show us how to design better cities?  
Reversing austerity, you could call it.
Seeking Alpha
· How The Coronavirus Will Change The Role Of Central Banks  
Default, austerity and higher inflation are among the possible options.
Seeking Alpha
· Weighing The Week Ahead: Finding A Balance In The Great Reopening  
Greg Ip concludes that failing to help the states forces them into a level of austerity that would damage the economy.
The Guardian
· Letters: our blueprint for a post-coronavirus future  
We must reject austerity measures, house the UK’s homeless and consider implementing a universal basic income.
The Guardian
· Why the Treasury’s panic over debt, when borrowing costs next to nothing?  
Macpherson has been joined by George Osborne, who you would think was disqualified from discussing the subject after 10 years of pushing through austerity cuts, especially to public health budgets, that left Britain woefully unprepared for a pandemic.
Financial Express
· Air India unions threaten may not extend support to 'normal operations' and FDTL norms  
The office order on cost-cutting measures is just “smokes and mirrors,” the pilots unions alleged, adding, “other than hastily cutting the hard-earned wages of frontline employees, the management is yet to make any tangible progress on meaningful austerity measures”.