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The China Post
· Schools nationwide brace for cuts from new financial crisis  
Educators bracing for cuts include those who pushed for better wages and more school resources in a national groundswell of activism that began with a 2018 teacher walkout in West Virginia, a movement that had roots in some states in austerity measures imposed during the last recession.
The New York Times
· Renault to Slash Jobs by 8 Percent  
Labor strife adds to the upfront costs of corporate austerity and reduces the overall savings.
The New York Times
· Why We Can’t Foresee the Pandemic’s Long-Term Effects  
Faced with widespread poverty, even people with money voluntarily embraced austerity, saying they no longer needed to “keep up with the Joneses.” Their reduction in consumption helps to explain the severity and duration of the Depression.
The Age
· If we must have a pay freeze, spare front-line jobs dominated by underpaid women  
And it is that principle, not increased budget austerity, that should guide state governments once we emerge from the current crisis.
Al Jazeera
· The rushed easing of lockdown measures could devastate Italy  
Despite the heavy death toll and the delays in taking firm action at the beginning of the epidemic, the coalition government led by the centre-left Democratic Party and the post-ideological populists of the Five Star Movement was able to deliver a strong, coordinated response throughout March and April, reverting the legacy of an often inefficient state bureaucracy, and working against the resource constraints imposed by decades of austerity programmes.
The Guardian
· Covid-19 crisis could set women back decades, experts fear  
“Undoubtedly women are bearing the brunt of this, as they did in austerity when 86% of cuts fell on women,” she said.
The Guardian
· For years, the Tories have banked on impunity. Is their luck finally running out?  
Calling and losing the Brexit referendum, conducting a failed austerity experiment, constructing a Brexit deal out of U-turns and procrastination, and now trying to bluff their way through coronavirus, the Conservatives have taken huge, often disastrous risks, and yet have remained in office throughout.
Financial Express
· Chhattisgarh: 69 bureaucrats including 23 collectors transferred; BJP says state is 'corrupt anarchy'  
Interestingly, the state finance department on Wednesday issued a directive mentioning a slew of austerity measures, including prohibiting transfer of government employees, saying the nation-wide lockdown for prevention of COVID-19 infection has adversely affected the revenue collection of the state government.
The Japan Times
· World urged to rebuild greener, more equal economies after coronavirus  
CIVICUS said that any attempts to reassert austerity policies or prioritize the needs of big business in recovery must be avoided as the impacts would hurt those who have already suffered the most.
The Guardian
· The Tories are losing the shires – this is a gift for Keir Starmer  
Some will wonder how voters could swallow everything that has happened over the last few years – austerity, the nonsense on the side of the bus, the reckless threats to leave without a deal, even a mounting coronavirus death toll – only to strain at this relative gnat.