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The Guardian
· Councils in England to be offered near real-time data on Covid cases  
Authorities will have to sign data protection agreements to get access to PHE database
The New York Times
· An Italian Natural Wine Producer Is Swept Up in Her Father’s Migrant Worker Scandal  
The Italian authorities have not suggested that Ms. Passalacqua was complicit in the crimes they say her father committed.
The Independent
· Storm Isaias: Two killed by lightning in wake of hurricane  
The incident occurred on Wednesday at around 11.49am on Bradley Overbrook Road in Wilmington, and the authorities confirmed that “the two male victims were struck while trying to cut down trees,” to minimise the risk of them falling after damage from the storm.
· New virus cases are reminder to French clubs of perils of returning to action  
Even if clubs get a handle on cases internally, there is always the risk of authorities intervening to call matches off in areas where the virus is prevalent.
The Pattaya News
· Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment plans to sue Ferry company in Samui capsizing disaster  
After an incident in which a ferry capsized during stormy weather off the coast of Koh Samui last weekend, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of National Resources and Environment has ordered related authorities to survey the damage to the environment before planning to sue the RajaFerry company.
Hong Kong Free Press
· Hong Kong Immigration Dep’t refuses to explain months-long work visa delays for journalists  
The press club urged the authorities to explain the delays after several outlets reported issues: “The FCC opposes using journalists’ visas as a weapon in international disputes and also opposes taking action against journalists for the decisions made by their home countries,” they said.
· Coronavirus is killing more healthcare workers in Mexico. Here's why.  
Speaking on condition of anonymity, one nurse at a Mexico City public hospital said she felt “abandoned” by authorities.
· Harris Holidays: Major ski holiday operator goes into administration after 30 years  
The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is telling travel agents to hold on to money for bookings with Harris Holidays.
Seeking Alpha
· HSBC Under Siege, What It Means For Gold Prices  
The answer is that the Hong Kong Monetary Authority has a currency peg to maintain with the US dollar.
The Guardian
· Beirut blast timeline: what we know, and what we don't  
Anger is growing in Lebanon at what appears to be an industrial accident that authorities foresaw and warned about for years before.