“Autonomy” in the news

Example collocations

autonomy within
degree of autonomy
greater autonomy
more autonomy
political autonomy

Publications and example sentences

The Independent
· China threatens ‘countermeasures’ after UK said it could offer Hong Kong residents path to British citizenship  
Hong Kong’s autonomy was guaranteed under the “one country, two systems” agreement enshrined in the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration, signed by then Chinese premier Zhao Ziyang and British prime minister Margaret Thatcher.
The New York Times
· Student Activist in Australia Is Suspended After China Protests  
On Friday night, with Hong Kong facing an even graver threat to its autonomy from China with the passage of a new security law, some of those students stood in solidarity with Mr. Pavlou.
Al Jazeera
· US floats plan to expel thousands of Chinese college students  
Beijing’s efforts to undermine Hong Kong’s autonomy cannot go unchallenged by the international community.
The Age
· The decline of universities, where students are customers and academics itinerant workers  
All white clapboard and ivied brickwork, it’s a world of eccentric talents, intense relationships, lunatic japes, glorious freedoms and scholarship of unparalleled autonomy.
The China Post
· Nations ease more restrictions, air travel opening up more  
MARKETS: Stock markets fell Friday in Europe and Asia and Wall Street appeared set to slip on the open as tensions between the United States and China over issues like the pandemic and Hong Kong’s autonomy spooked investors.
Al Jazeera
· Ethiopian security forces accused of grave human rights abuses  
The group said regional police, militia and local vigilante groups carried out multiple attacks targeting ethnic Qemant, who seek greater autonomy, resulting in scores of deaths and the displacement of hundreds of people.
· Taiwan top court rules adultery no longer a crime  
TAIPEI: Taiwan's top court decriminalised adultery Friday (May 29), ruling the law against it breached constitutional protections of sexual autonomy and equality, in a move hailed by rights groups.
Malay Mail
· Hong Kong media tycoon vows to stay and “fight” China, backs US pressure  
Chinese officials say the new laws are vital to secure the city after protracted anti-government protests, but critics warn they will erode the autonomy and freedoms promised to Hong Kongers when Britain handed the former colony back to China in 1997.
The Guardian
· First Thing: protests over police killing break out across US  
The Hong Kong government has told the US not to interfere in its affairs, after China’s parliament approved a new security law seen by outside critics and local protesters as the death knell for Hong Kong’s autonomy from Beijing.
Financial Express
· EU weighs China policy amid concern over Hong Kong moves  
The 27 EU nations are often divided in their approach to China, but Beijing’s imposition of a national security law on Hong Kong a Chinese territory that is supposed to have a high degree of autonomy under a ?one-country, two systems framework seems to have united them.