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average density
average family
average family size
average household
average household size

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The Age
· Pandemic pinch: WA women lost more jobs while men took bigger salary hit  
Using data from the ATO's single touch payroll system the Australian Bureau of Statistics has found WA fared worse than the national average in terms of jobs and wages lost.
Seeking Alpha
· HCA Healthcare: Expecting A Different Outcome Amid Pandemic's Resurgence  
With the resurging pandemic clouding the prospects, it has dropped since then, currently standing at ~9.2x, with ~11% premium to ~8.3x, the past year average.
Financial Express
· Mukesh Ambani is no longer oil dependent, all thanks to Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook  
The stock on Monday closed about 13% higher than its average one-year price target.
Liverpool Echo
· Everton could have been given a blessing in disguise as Carlo Ancelotti finds answer  
We don't want to be paying over the top for average players, we've got too many on the books already.
Washington Post
· Carolyn Hax: Boyfriend has a heart of gold, but how practical is a heart of gold?  
Things that are obvious to the average person just aren’t to him.
Seeking Alpha
· American River Bankshares: Government Stimulus Program To Drive Earnings  
As the average loan size for AMRB's PPP loans is around $170,000, I believe it's safe to assume that the company will earn fees of around 3%.
· Spain's Catalonia seeks to bypass ruling striking down COVID-19 home confinement  
Since dropping to an average of 132 in June, the number of coronavirus cases diagnosed every day has accelerated in July, reaching 333 on Friday.
· Singapore's economic recovery will be 'slow and uneven': Chan Chun Sing  
The number of new cases in the community has been on the rise, from an average of 12 cases per day in the week before, to an average of 14 per day in the past week.
Sports Illustrated
· Former Tar Heel Jessica Breland to Miss 2020 WNBA Season  
She averaged 12.4 points, 1.6 assist, and 7.1 rebounds.
Yonhap News
· Credit card spending drops amid pandemic  
By method, contact-free card spending jumped 12.7 percent to a daily average of about 800 billion won in the February-May period, while card payments made during face-to-face transactions fell 8.4 percent to about 1.4 trillion won per day, it added.