Away trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

away win Chiến thắng trên sân khách
far away Xa xăm
km away Cách xa km
miles away Cách xa hàng dặm
taken away Lấy đi

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Các ấn phẩm và câu ví dụ
Seeking Alpha
· Atlas Air Weathers The Storm Well, But They Return To Beleaguered Markets  
Since August 2019, the managerial transition has been observed very cautiously from the market, with many investors pulling money away from AAWW on the days where the CEO's retirement was announced, causing a drop in P/B from above 0.5x to a little over 0.25x in October.
The New York Times
· While Navy Warship Burns, Sailors Are Forced to Bail Water  
In the opposite direction, residents have also reported smelling smoke from the fire as far away as Del Mar, 25 miles north.
Malay Mail
· Tesla surge lifts Musk higher on billionaire list  
Musk also could be just days away from qualifying for a new payout under the company’s executive compensation plan, which ties the Tesla boss’s pay to performance goals and stock price, and could yield Musk another US$2.4 billion, according to Bloomberg.
Malay Mail
· ‘Worst-case’ UK winter could see 120,000 Covid deaths in second wave, say health experts  
“Covid-19 has not gone away,” she said.
The New York Times
· Fauci Back at the White House, a Day After Trump Aides Tried to Undermine Him  
In task force meetings, Dr. Fauci has often styled himself as a solitary pessimist in a room where some officials have been eager to wave away the alarming trajectory of the coronavirus.
Washington Post
· Despite pressure from Trump, major districts say schools will stay closed in fall  
“We also do not want to turn our ears and eyes away from the truth.”
Ars Technica
· As Trump pushes to have schools open, CDC’s cautious approach leaks  
In fact, the one major group of health professionals that had supported reopening schools, the American Academy of Pediatrics, backed away from that stance today.
Washington Post
· The one constant in Trump’s presidency: Tomorrow will be worse  
I share their weariness — I feel as though I’ve been a coroner working one car wreck after another for five years — but we can’t afford to look away until he is dispatched so overwhelmingly that his inevitable attempt to declare the election stolen won’t fly.
Sports Illustrated
· Zion Williamson's Lawsuit Takes Another Bizarre Turn Involving an Agent With a Shady Past  
Slavko Duric answered the phone, and away we went.
· California reverses re-opening restaurants, malls and salons as Covid-19 cases surge  
In Atlanta, Georgia, Democratic Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, who has had COVID-19, announced Friday she was bringing the city back to Phase 1 reopening -- restrictive measures that allow only essential trips away from home.