“Back” in the news

Example collocations

came back
dates back
dating back
moved back
running back

Publications and example sentences

The Guardian
· Early years and childcare sector at risk of collapse in England  
Just over 40% of parents of under-fives say they will send their children back to nursery, preschool or childminders this week, according to a poll by the EYA of more than 6,300 care providers.
The Guardian
· Northern Ireland faces 'potent threat' from Brexit and Covid-19  
“So, I think we have a joint responsibility in this very serious crisis, which affects so many families, with so many deaths, so many sick people, so many people unemployed, to do everything we can to reach an agreement and I very much hope that we will do so,” he said.Barnier said Britain had been “taking a step back – two steps back, three steps back” from the commitments made in the departure deal signed by Boris Johnson.
The Guardian
· Schools expect half of pupils will stay home as year groups return  
A million children in England – half of those who are expected to return when their classes reopen – are likely to stay at home on Monday rather than go back to school, as many parents, councils and teachers remain sceptical of the government’s assurances over their safety.
The Guardian
· UK manufacturing leaders call for emergency bailout  
Other major countries have taken such an approach, including France, where Air France has been forced to cut back its domestic routes if train journeys could be used as an alternative in exchange for a €7bn (£6.3bn) government bailout.
The Guardian
· Seven former foreign secretaries urge UK to take lead on Hong Kong  
“The French do not really hold back on coming up with a new initiative and presenting it to the rest of the world, so I think we should be a little less coy about that.”
The New York Times
· Grateful for Aid, but Worried About What Comes Next  
“The announcer got on the speaker and said, ‘Don’t come back’ — the tournament was canceled,” Mrs. Weinreis recalled.
The Verge
· Apple, Amazon among companies adjusting operations amid demonstrations  
Amazon told Bloomberg that it had scaled back and adjusted routes “in a handful of cities” to ensure workers’ safety.
The New York Times
· Washington Braces for Another Night of George Floyd Protests  
“We’re trying to recover as best we can from what transpired last night and then tonight it’s supposed to be the same thing, so we’ll probably be back tomorrow, doing the same thing,” he said, paint roller in hand.
The Age
· W, V or a Nike swoosh? The shape of the US economy’s recovery remains a mystery  
Larry Kudlow, director of the White House National Economic Council, said at an event sponsored by The Washington Post that he shares President Donald Trump's expectation for a rapid bounce back, but suggested that there are wide ranges around those estimates.
· U.S. enters 6th day of nationwide protests over George Floyd's killing  
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