Back trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

came back Quay lại
dates back Ngày trở lại
dating back Hẹn hò trở lại
moved back Di chuyển trở lại
running back Chạy lại

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The Independent
· Job figures: 1.2 million still claiming unemployment benefits as US economy struggles to bounce back  
Some 1.2 million Americans are still claiming unemployment benefits, newly released figures show, in a sign that the US economy is struggling to bounce back from the Covid-19 pandemic.
The Guardian
· A new study shows more Americans are dropping acid. Why?  
It doesn’t seem to be about restoring the bygone heyday of hippie-era psychedelic culture, as renaissance art of the 14th century turned back to the glories of antiquity.
The Guardian
· Zoe Saldana apologises for playing Nina Simone in controversial biopic  
The film’s black distributor, Robert L Johnson, complained about the colourism debate ignited by the casting, saying in 2016: “It’s unfortunate that African Americans are talking about this in a way that hearkens back to how we were treated when we were slaves.
Seeking Alpha
· Gold And Silver Miners Generate Huge Profit Margins  
Most of my forecasts made back then have turned out to be hugely conservative post the COVID-19 virus effect and it's nice to be right in my selections - even if the vast bulk of the price rises were stimulated by an unanticipated event and over a somewhat different timescale.
The Verge
· Scientists rename human genes to stop Microsoft Excel from misreading them as dates  
Why, exactly, in a fight between Microsoft and the entire genetics community, was it the scientists who had to back down?
Liverpool Echo
· Natalia Becker shares rare and adorable photo of family in matching outfits  
As the goals continued to fly into the back of the net, the player's partners shared support for them on social media.
· 'Leave it where it is' Raise the Titanic feud exposed as experts plan to excavate wreck  
But, a British film producer also had his own plans to bring the ship back to life.
The New York Times
· Hawa Abdi, Doctor and Activist Who Aided Thousands in Somalia, Dies at 73  
Even though elders told her that the militants could “shoot me at a moment’s notice, I refused to back down.
The Guardian
· Another 1.18m Americans file for unemployment as benefits expire  
Economists worry expiration of $600 weekly lifeline will lead to sharp drop-off in household spending and set back the economy
The Guardian
· Farewell Iker Casillas, the saint who brought us saves, tears and clashes  
At a press conference so excruciating the Spanish club invited him back to do it again the next day in a futile attempt at damage limitation, he thanked the fans for “unconditional support” that had been anything but in a preceding season often soundtracked by jeers and whistles.