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· For richer and poorer, Uncle Sam's coronavirus response widened the gulf  
That is, the Fed isn't likely to use all of the authority it has to backstop corporate debt, encourage banks to lend and bolster the stock market — unless there’s a resurgence of panic in the marketplace.
· US economy needs more stimulus and more masks, Fed policymakers say  
The US central bank has slashed interest rates to near zero - where they are expected to remain for years - and has rolled out roughly a dozen emergency programs to backstop financial markets and support businesses.
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· Noble Corporation: Some Value For Shareholders Through Restructuring Exists  
Two Ad Hoc groups, one representing the Guaranteed investors and one representing the Legacy investors, will receive a backstop premium, paid-in-kind, of 8% of notes and shares.
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· CEOs to Congress: A lot more small businesses will fail without new aid  
The top executives of more than 100 companies — including Starbucks, Microsoft and Mastercard — and trade groups are calling on Congress to backstop small businesses facing economic calamity.
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· Why the Botched N.Y.C. Primary Has Become the November Nightmare  
That means going so far as to use human “gatekeepers” to backstop the Postal Service’s massive computerized sorting systems, who pull ballot envelopes out, one at a time, and feed them through a cancellation machine to assure a postmark.
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· 5 Headlines From The Biggest Bank Earnings Quarter Since 2008  
Offsetting these risks are a number of positive factors, the most prominent being the government's commitment to backstop the economy, banker skills, and historically high bank capital ratios.
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· Game #10 Observations: Offense Still Searching, Civale's Outing Means Little as Indians Fall to 5-5 After 3-1 Loss to Twins  
One thing to remember is the team does not have their normal catcher manning the backstop, as Roberto Perez is on the injured list, and the team is going with Sandy Leon and Beau Taylor as catchers right now.
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· This Date in Baseball  
It will be the only time a backstop has accomplished this feat this century.
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· Game #9 Observations: Indians Offense Remains Dormant in 3-0 Loss to Minnesota  
“He's still three or four days away from the throwing,” Francona said of his ailing backstop.
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· Premier Financial Corp. (PFC) Don Hileman on Q2 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
We've also spent about $300,000 of additional backstop in our merger-related expenses again to ensure that we would not be derailed by any unexpected turns that came about as the result of the pandemic.