“Barrage” in the news

Example collocations

artillery barrage
creeping barrage

Publications and example sentences

· Iran says US talks 'futile', denounces black American's death  
Days later, Iran fired a barrage of missiles at US troops stationed in Iraq in retaliation, but Trump opted against taking any military action in response.
The Guardian
· Well done, Twitter. You've finally figured out how to deal with Trump's tweets  
While the “executive order” was harmless and comical, Trump also unleashed a barrage of terror on to an innocent employee of Twitter.
The Independent
· 'Die in the streets like cockroaches': The truth behind Rio's record year of police killings  
But within seconds, they toppled over in a barrage of 38 bullets fired by the police.
Hong Kong Free Press
· ‘Terrorism’ is an excuse – nothing that has happened in Hong Kong can affect China’s national security  
The barrage of approval from assorted time-servers, lickspittles, fellow travelers and people who are easily blackmailed is not going to change opinions.
· In this swing state, Latino Democrats want Biden to fight against Trump's 'socialist' attacks  
But the Trump campaign is sticking to its own script: a constant barrage of attacks calling Biden a socialist or a communist, hammered regularly during virtual events, through social media and in campaign emails.
The Guardian
· Breonna Taylor’s mother calls for end to violence after seven are shot in protest  
To many, the call was taken as proof that Walker did not, as lawyers have said, know that it was law enforcement officers who barged through the apartment door when he fired the shot that led to the barrage of police gunfire.
The Diplomat
· COVID-19 Is Not Hurting China’s Diplomacy in at Least One Region: South America  
Beyond the usual business-related engagements and the signing of treaties, the event saw the Colombian leader navigate a barrage of questions regarding the future relations of the two countries.
Financial Express
· Gopalganj triple murder: Upendra Kushwaha's RLSP adds an unexpected twist to Tejashwi Yadav's pitch against CM Nitish Kumar  
The incident gave ammunition to Tejaswi to target the Nitish government already facing a barrage of criticism over its handling of the migrants crisis in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.
Malay Mail
· ‘No heaven for orphans’ remark in ‘Upin & Ipin’ Hari Raya episode upsets fans in Indonesia (VIDEO)  
The controversial statement resulted in a social media storm where offended fans wrote phrases such as ‘Fizi is cancelled’, condemning the character in a barrage of tweets.