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fan base
first base
military base
naval base
third base

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The Economist
· World in a dish: Why sourdough went viral  
In 2019 Seamus Blackney, a scientist who became a video-game designer, baked a loaf using a starter based on a 4,500-year-old yeast from Egypt.
Seeking Alpha
· HQH: Healthcare CEF For Income Investors  
But looking at the YTD total returns (price appreciation plus dividends) vs. the returns based on NAV (NAV appreciation plus dividends), the underlying value of the fund’s portfolio has increased more than the market price of HQH.
Seeking Alpha
· Adyen: Overview Of Business Model, Culture And Valuation  
The recent pandemic had little impact on Adyen due to diversified merchant base.
Financial Express
· Spirits maker Diageo takes 772 mn pounds write down for Indian market amid COVID-19  
The company, which owns United Spirits Ltd (USL), the leading liquor firm here, said the impairment was based on the value “in use calculation and fair value less costs of disposal methodologies” to assess the recoverable amount of the India cash-generating unit.
Seeking Alpha
· Pinterest Has Solved Its Core Problem, But Further Upside Will Be Difficult  
I'll admit that I expected Pinterest (PINS) - as a niche social media company with more of a fad-oriented user base - to fall more closely in-line with Snap.
Seeking Alpha
· Bankinter: Beware Of The Higher Risk Personal Loan Portfolio  
Additionally, the company’s CET1 ratio of 11.75% based on a 3.97B EUR CET1 capital and a total amount of risk-weighted assets of 33.8B EUR is good as well.
Seeking Alpha
· Mondelez: Staying On Course During The Pandemic  
Source: author's calculations based on data from Mondelez SEC Filings
Seeking Alpha
· New Preferred Stock IPOs, July 2020  
This coupon resets every five years, beginning September 15, 2025, based on the then-current five-year U.S. treasury rate plus 6.712 percent.
Seeking Alpha
· The Pandemic Pricing Dilemma: A COVID-19 Vaccine At-Cost Or For Profit?  
The price of a single COVID-19 vaccine is likely to vary considerably based on multiple factors related to time, geography, and pre-existing contracts.
Washington Post
· Vaccine Confronts Humanity With Next Moral Test  
When it comes to international cooperation, poorer countries complain about “vaccine nationalism.” In the U.K., Prime Minister Boris Johnson pulled out of the EU’s so-called Inclusive Vaccines Alliance in a move attacked for playing to his Brexit-friendly political base.