Haberlerde Become

Örnek kollokasyonlar

become known Tanınmak
become more Daha fazla ol
become part Parçası olmak
become the first Ilk olmak
later become Sonra olur

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Seeking Alpha
· Unrealistic Expectations For Five9, NICE, And The Cloud Contact Center Industry  
Taking a look at Five9's margins, there's been an improvement from 2017 to 2018 but things became slightly worse in 2019.
Liverpool Echo
· Everton verdict - Blunt message will make some uncomfortable after deeply unsettling failure  
So conditioned have we become to managers and players trying to look for the positives in performances where there aren't any, or attempting to offer a defence of lame displays and trying to move the focus onto what's ahead, that many will have expected something similar here.
· Jessica Mulroney: Meghan Markle former friend's 'cowardly' snub exposed amid book claim  
Their hostility is believed to have climaxed when she became embroiled in a bitter racism spat on Instagram about her not using her platform to promote Black Lives Matter.
The Age
· Florida records more than 15,000 new COVID-19 cases in a single day  
Health officials have pleaded with the public to wear masks to limit the spread of the virus, but the issue has become politically divisive in the United States.
Seeking Alpha
· ABB Ltd: Turnaround Delayed, Not Halted  
Remember, Power Grids was soon to be sold and Robots and Motion would become separate divisions.
Sports Illustrated
· 10 Questions With No Answers: A Tough Look at 2020 College Football Season  
That became as apparent as ever Saturday when SEC commissioner Greg Sankey wrote the words nobody wanted to read.
The New York Times
· Chatham Hedge Fund Has the Winning Bid for McClatchy Newspapers  
After years of declines in revenue and print circulation, the McClatchy Company, one of the largest news publishers in the country, announced on Sunday that it expected to become the property of Chatham Asset Management, a New Jersey hedge fund, at the conclusion of a bankruptcy auction.
The New York Times
· Cancel the Jefferson Memorial?  
His vast collection of books became the basis of the Library of Congress.
Scientific American
· The Power of Psychedelics  
I became aware of my animosity towards my two living siblings.