“Believe” in the news

Example collocations

did not believe
does not believe
not believe
people believe
scholars believe

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Liverpool Echo
· Local Liverpool team named Grassroots Club of the Year  
REMYCA compete in the North West Counties Premier Division - eight divisions below the Premier League in step five of non-league - and chairman Don Rimmer believes the award is a 'step in the right direction'.
Financial Express
· Hyundai’s ‘Haq Hai Humara’ anthem celebrates the spirit of Indians during the crisis  
We truly believe Together We Can and Together We Will build a ‘New India’, he added.
· Smart meter owners reckon they have saved almost £270m since beginning of lockdown  
It also emerged that 51 percent of money conscious spenders said it is important to know where money is going, and 31 percent believe lockdown has offered more ways to be mindful with money.
Malay Mail
· Just what is it about Anwar’s Malaysian dream isn’t good enough to name him Pakatan’s PM-to-be? PKR MP asks Dr M  
JOHOR BARU, July 10 — Pasir Gudang MP Hassan Abdul Karim believes PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is Pakatan Harapan’s best candidate for prime minister as he encapsulates the dreams Malaysians have of a just, progressive, democratic and united country.
The Guardian
· Keir Starmer needs a bolder vision – being the grownup in the room isn't enough  
Watching Starmer regularly dominate Johnson at prime minister’s questions, exposing him on questions of competence and fact, it’s possible to believe that the ascendancy of glib populism in Britain since the Brexit referendum is coming to an end.
· WHO pair head to China for virus origin scoping mission  
Scientists believe the killer virus jumped from animals to humans, possibly from a market in the city of Wuhan selling exotic animals for meat.
· Masha Gessen on the frightening fragility of America’s political institutions  
Within 48 hours of Trump’s victory, their essay “Autocracy: Rules for Survival” had gone viral, including lessons that in hindsight read as prophetic: Believe the autocrat.
· Alien-like creature spotted in TikTok video by ET hunters 'It is REAL'  
Alien investigators have since examined the video, and believe the creature is a genuine extraterrestrial.
· Dark season 3, episode 7 explanation: What happened in In Between Days?  
For instance, Adam kidnapped a pregnant Martha and kill her and the baby, believing the son was the origin of the knot.
The Independent
· Town centre hand gel stations being smashed up 'for alcohol gel inside'  
“We take these away for councils and businesses, and we’re seeing so many damaged you wouldn’t believe.