“Beneath” in the news

Example collocations

beneath the costa
beneath the surface
buried beneath
lies beneath
located beneath

Publications and example sentences

The Guardian
· My favourite game: England v Australia, Fifth Test, the Oval 2009  
Cricket is filled with moments of theatre but could this, beneath blue skies with a raucous, disbelieving crowd brought to its feet, ever be bettered?
The Age
· 'Bulging valleys': Call for state to halt catchment coal mining  
The mine is located adjacent to Lake Cordeaux and beneath an ecologically significant and endangered swamp, dubbed 15a, which feeds Sandy Creek and its waterfall.
The Wall Street Journal
· Couture, For Sure  
See Robert Polidori’s photographs of Pompeii and Oplontis, part of a lifelong project to explore memories beneath the surfaces.
The Guardian
· Well done, Twitter. You've finally figured out how to deal with Trump's tweets  
Protests also broke out in at least nine other American cities, reminding Americans that their law enforcement systems too often consider African Americans disposable and beneath concern for their basic safety and human rights.
The New York Times
· 4 Books to Inspire Your Inner Designer  
The designers’ ideas for multipurpose furniture — tables that morph into chairs and lecterns, rollout beds that tuck beneath desks — seem especially relevant in our sheltered-in-place age.
The Guardian
· The Vast of Night review – mesmerising retro sci-fi  
Yet as with so many of its genre predecessors, beneath the surface lurks a socioeconomic subtext.
The Guardian
· Out on the 'microbeats' where police hope to reclaim London's streets from gangs  
An imitation handgun and a large machete were recently found hidden beneath marrows at a London Road grocery, planted by gang members should a situation escalate.
The Age
· Stir-crazy Victorians ready to hit the regions within days  
Executive planning director for ClemengerBBDO, Paul Rees-Jones, who teases out the cultural trends beneath the long sets of data, believed the time spent at home during the pandemic had reacquainted people with the value of slow and relaxing time with family and friends.
The Japan Times
· Spot where George Floyd died now impromptu forum in Minneapolis  
Standing beneath the mural with signs reading “Charge all four,” and “Jail all racist killer cops,” mourners said they wanted the other three officers who were present to be arrested as well.
· 'Every mosque has a great story to tell': Documenting Singapore’s lost mosques  
“These mosques were built on stilts, which allow cross-ventilating breeze beneath the dwelling to cool the space whilst mitigating the effects of the occasional flood,” he noted.