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better known Daha iyi bilinen
better suited Daha uygun
better understand Daha iyi anlamak
better understanding Daha iyi anlama
much better Çok daha iyi

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Washington Post
· Verdugo, Chavis homer to back Pérez as Red Sox beat Rays 5-0  
“There’s no better feeling than beating the Yankees,” Snell said.
The New York Times
· By Any Other Name  
You now know it going forward, so you have a better chance of success the next time you see it in a grid.
The Age
· A fuzzy vision: Virgin's new plan is full of mixed messages  
It was a value-based, not price-driven, shift into a better mix of margins and profitability that carefully targeted small and medium-sized businesses, along with price-conscious full-fare passengers, rather than Qantas’ corporate heartland.
Malay Mail
· Repeal or amend law on suicide — Malaysian Mental Health Association  
Better decision-making processes concerning mental health issues in general and an empathetic approach towards those afflicted with serious mental illness in particular will go a long way in creating a compassionate, inclusive and resilient society.
Seeking Alpha
· Digital Turbine's (APPS) CEO Bill Stone on Q1 2021 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
And having better conversion rates leads to higher bid rates leads to more people coming on the platform, and all those things melt up.
· Another chance for Hazard but Madrid can beat City without him  
There would be no better moment for peak Hazard to emerge but this is not the Madrid he joined last year, desperate and dead on their feet, at the end of a chastening season without silverware and without encouragement.
· Hamilton forcing rivals to 'count sheep' at Silverstone  
Like the Dutchman, Nico Hulkenberg will hope for better fortune this weekend as he prepares for a likely second opportunity as stand-in for Covid-19 victim Sergio Perez with Racing Point.
Seeking Alpha
· AxoGen's (AXGN) CEO Karen Zaderej on Q2 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
These geographies delivered better year-over-year performance than those covered by our direct sales representatives.
Seeking Alpha
· Compass Minerals International, Inc. (CMP) CEO Kevin Crutchfield on Q2 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
These are both very important steps in implementing our new mine plan at Goderich, which is designed to better leverage our continuous mining and haulage equipment, while simultaneously reducing long-term mine maintenance costs in the old mine works.
· 10 best places to find dating, sex, and relationship advice  
If you'd rather learn about online dating, sex, and how to have a better relationship offline, allow the internet to steer you in the direction of some helpful books on those topics.