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better known Daha iyi bilinen
better suited Daha uygun
better understand Daha iyi anlamak
better understanding Daha iyi anlama
much better Çok daha iyi

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Washington Post
· Rangers in an 0-2 hole as Carolina looks for series sweep  
Getting more offense would be a nice start for the Rangers, who are 1 for 11 on the power play and not much better at even strength.
Sports Illustrated
· MAQB: Alex Smith’s Offseason, Fake Crowd Noise, Watt vs. Bosa Brothers and More  
• The Jets’ decision to move on from Brian Winters couldn’t have come at a better time for Buffalo—just as the team was processing the loss of starting guard Jon Feliciano for a good chunk of the 2020 season with a pec injury.
The Guardian
· Aged care watchdog takes action against Epping Gardens home after Covid-19 outbreak  
Her family had been persuaded by Joyce’s doctors an aged care facility would be better than palliative care, provided she had organised an acute pain relief plan so her pancreatic pain could be efficiently treated.
Seeking Alpha
· SI-BONE, Inc. (SIBN) CEO Jeff Dunn on Q2 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
And I think with some of the product introductions that we have coming up over the next 12 months or less than that, I think the pieces will all come together even better.
The New York Times
· A College Athlete Calls His Coach to Opt Out. And Ends Up on the Outs.  
Yet, to better understand how the modern-day dynamic works — and why players are more stridently calling for a voice in matters like social justice, how their images are used, straight-up pay and playing during the pandemic — all that’s necessary is to listen to a five-minute, nine-second recording of a phone call between Nick Rolovich, the new football coach at Washington State, and Kassidy Woods, a redshirt sophomore receiver.
· Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson’s rift to erupt as Scots lose £4billion over Brexit  
It said that Scotland was “significantly better in the union” and would benefit Post-Brexit with the new internal market bill allowing for more efficient trade across the country and more powers to Holyrood from Brussels.
· Weight loss: Man loses fat and builds muscle by following this easy diet plan  
My physique changed completely, and I felt so much better in myself.
Seeking Alpha
· Element Fleet Management: A Smooth And Quality Ride For The COVID Era  
Due to Element's massive scale, it is in a position to negotiate much better prices across the various costs that go into owning a vehicle.
Seeking Alpha
· Mosaic moves higher as Q2 potash sales volume hits quarterly record  
Mosaic (NYSE:MOS) +7.1% after-hours following much better than expected Q2 earnings and revenues that topped expectations even while declining 6% Y/Y to ~$2B.
Seeking Alpha
· Navios Maritime Containers: Interesting Opportunity In Container Shipping  
Q4 will be somewhat better as the Navios Utmost will re-contract in September.