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beyond what Neyin ötesinde
far beyond Çok ötesinde
go beyond Aşmak
just beyond Hemen ötesinde
well beyond Çok ötesinde

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

Hong Kong Free Press
· ‘Liberate Hong Kong: Stories From The Freedom Struggle’ – HKFP donation offer on Kong Tsung-gan’s new book  
Liberate Hong Kong: stories from the Freedom Struggle goes beyond the news headlines and into the lives of people who are risking everything for the cause.”
Seeking Alpha
· Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (REGN) Regeneron Oncology Investor Event, ASCO 2020 Conference (Transcript)  
Moreover, we believe that we can go beyond these settings where we are seeing and others are seeing PD-1 efficacy.
The Age
· Kennedy rapt for grandfather's AFL Legend status  
Kennedy's legacy extends well beyond his own career, however, spawning another two generations of Hawks in four-time premiership-winning son John jnr and grandson Josh.
· African refugees in Minneapolis join protestors in their adopted homeland  
She has not held back from telling people that, beyond acts of police violence, Americans have to address the core issue of inequality in the country.
The New York Times
· Science Fiction Hero  
I can’t pretend that a crossword puzzle will make anyone feel better about what is happening right now, because that would be beyond ridiculous.
The Age
· No negative interest rates here please, Dr Lowe  
Beyond that, stimulatory efforts are probably better left to fiscal policy.
The Independent
· We are moving in the right direction when it comes to racism – but painfully slowly  
We have, however, reached a point in the conversation that many of us have been waiting for all our lives: moving beyond convincing white people and non-black people of colour that racism and anti-blackness exist.
Seeking Alpha
· Coca-Cola's Business Model Not Immune To The Virus  
So, extrapolating those two points to their logical conclusion would mean that half of Coca-Cola’s business may be impaired for a considerable time, possibly all the way beyond the first half of 2021.
Seeking Alpha
· Tesla Demand: Price Cuts, Cali Work At Home, Model Y, And More  
But COVID-19 and the resulting work-at-home policies may significantly hurt Tesla in 2020 and beyond.
The Independent
· Look beyond 'charismatic species' to fully tackle the wildlife trade, study finds  
The scientists said that most analyses are biased towards vertebrates but that protecting biodiversity requires expanding focus beyond the big mammals which tend to garner the most attention.