“Bigotry” in the news

Publications and example sentences

· How inequality is changing the Republican Party — and breaking American politics  
This is the central unanswered question of Hacker and Pierson’s book: If you cut the plutocrats out of the party, either because bigotry drove them out or campaign finance reform neutered them or the Ayn Rand-rapture ascended them, would their absence lead to a Republican Party that moderates on economics and eases off the ethnonationalism, or would it lead to a Republican Party that moderates on economics so it can more effectively pursue social division?
Washington Post
· The new Eisenhower Memorial is stunning, especially at night. But is this the last of the ‘great man’ memorials?  
He cozied up to the brutal dictator of Spain — Francisco Franco — toppled the elected leader of Iran and signed Executive Order 10450, which barred gay and lesbian people from government service and led to the purge of thousands of LGBT federal employees, a milestone in the annals of bigotry.
· Corbyn's local Labour Party risks row over debate to reject IHRA anti-Semitism definition  
The Ten Pledges are: Resolve outstanding cases; Make the Party's disciplinary process independent; Ensure transparency; Prevent re-admittance of prominent offenders; Provide no platform for bigotry; Adopt the international definition of anti-Semitism without qualification; Deliver an anti-racism education programme that has the buy-in of the Jewish community; Engagement with the Jewish community to be made via its main representative groups; Communicate with resolve; and Show leadership and take responsibility.
The New Republic
· This Is How Trump Will Try to Take Down Kamala Harris  
For one, Trump’s bigotry and culture war offensives have alienated moderate and suburban voters over the course of his presidency—doubling down on them against Harris or anyone else could very well backfire.
Financial Express
· Lord Ram not the 'property' of BJP: Shashi Tharoor  
If they spread throughout the land, Ram Rajya would not be an occasion for triumphalist bigotry,” he said, using the hash tag ‘JaiShriRam’.
The Independent
· The Tennessee Republican primary proves whoever wins in November, Trumpism is here to stay  
Democrats in blue states might be tempted to dismiss this as the provincial bigotry of their country cousins, but the future trajectory of the Republican Party matters to all Americans.
The Atlantic
· Donald Trump Has Given America Its Best Chance to Defeat Racism  
“We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides, on many sides,” Trump said in response.
Washington Post
· WNBA players urge people to vote against team owner, senator  
“We are in a moment of generational, transformative change, and there is no place in that movement for bigotry.
· 'Cancel culture' censorship can be most dangerous for those who promote social justice  
Since President Donald Trump came to office, he has let loose a torrent of bigotry through his attacks on immigrants, minorities and women.