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Seeking Alpha
· The Week Ahead  
The bills regarding sanctions and company listing in the US are bipartisan.
Yonhap News
· Rival parties bracing for launch of new National Assembly term  
Another pressing bipartisan row may dominate the initial phase of the new parliamentary term, with the DP and the UFP competing for the chairmanship of the assembly's key committees, including those on legislation and judiciary, as well as budget setting.
The Age
· Beijing urges US to drop 'wishful thinking' of changing China  
US lawmakers have advanced several pieces of legislation targeting China in recent weeks with bipartisan support amid mounting calls for lawmakers to punish Beijing for its alleged failure to disclose information early on about the spread of COVID-19.
· China Roundup: A blow to US-listed Chinese firms and TikTok's new global face  
That could change soon with the Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act, a new bill passed this week with bipartisan support to tighten accounting standards on foreign companies, with the obvious target being China.
· Trump gutted the checks on his power when they were most needed  
Politically, he needed to first quiet a bipartisan chorus of criticism and then change its tune.
· Trump's Michigan voter fraud comments reveal America's desperate need for reforms  
In contrast to earlier decades of bipartisan support for democracy reforms, congressional Republicans in the last 10 years have almost universally opposed these reforms.
The New York Times
· Trump Sows Doubt on Voting. It Keeps Some People Up at Night.  
Ian Bassin, the executive director of Protect Democracy, a nonprofit group dedicated to resisting authoritarian government, last year convened the National Task Force on Election Crises, a bipartisan 51-member group that includes Republicans such as Michael Chertoff, the former homeland security secretary.
· Small businesses need more help during coronavirus pandemic  
While a bipartisan Senate proposal to support small businesses directly does exist, Senator Chuck Grassley told reporters this week that negotiations over further coronavirus relief won’t start in earnest until the end of June, and Senator Roy Blunt said passing another relief bill by July is “optimistic.”
· Anything less than nationwide vote by mail is electoral sabotage  
As for the federal government interfering with states’ prerogative to run their own elections — that’s a violation of states’ rights that I expect will encounter strong bipartisan opposition.
Hong Kong Free Press
· Security law: US mulls ‘nuclear option’ as China threatens Hong Kong autonomy  
Congress, with broad bipartisan support, is looking to ratchet up the pressure.