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black and white
black hole
black metal
black people
first black

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Washington Post
· Calls for justice in Black suspect’s death in North Carolina  
WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Demonstrators held a vigil in North Carolina to demand justice for a Black man who died days after his arrest following the release of body camera videos that showed the man struggling with guards and yelling he couldn’t breathe as they restrained him.
The Independent
· Beirut explosion echoes 2013 Texas disaster, West mayor says  
Elena Craft, a Texas-based senior director with the Environmental Defence Fund environmental group, cited the Chemical Disaster Rule among a series of other proposals weakening protections for the communities — often lower-income, and disproportionately black or Hispanic — living around dangerous industrial sites.
· Judge, Shielding Cop Via 'Qualified Immunity,' Asks Whether It Belongs In 'Dustbin'  
A San Bernardino County sheriff's deputy at a Black Lives Matter protest this month.
The New York Times
· ‘Luster,’ by Raven Leilani: An Excerpt  
His hair is darker than I expected, a black so opaque it looks blue.
The New York Times
· New York’s Sidewalk Prophets Are Heirs of the Lascaux Cave Artisans  
Now street artists take account of the qualified legal immunity protecting police officers, the Black Lives Matter movement and the ramifications of a dysfunctional democracy, among other realities, using a well-developed visual language of cultural memes that illustrate the ideological battles among regional, racial and cultural factions.
The New York Times
· Water, Sand and Plenty of Elbow Room on 8 Wild, Protected Coastlines  
The diversity of wildlife habitats — from dunes to marshes to forests — attracts more than 300 species of birds, along with armadillos, black bears, dolphins and river otters.
The New York Times
· The Unique U.S. Failure to Control the Virus  
Black and Latino residents of the United States have contracted the virus at roughly three times as high of a rate as white residents.
The New York Times
· A Family Cries ‘Justice for Hannah.’ Will Its Rural Town Listen?  
Black and Hispanic people are killed at higher rates than white people in rural areas, but the demographics of rural America mean that about 60 to 70 percent of people killed by law enforcement there are white, according to an analysis by Harvard researchers.
The New York Times
· White Customers, Black Fabrics  
While the largest market for most of these designers is Black people born and raised in America, success this year has also brought new buyers.
The New York Times
· American Catholics and the Black Lives Matter Movement  
How the American Catholic church is wrestling with the Black Lives Matter movement.