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white blaze

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The Guardian
· Timo Werner's transfer U-turn in keeping with his bumpy rise to top  
Instead, he has been the coach’s go-to centre-forward, still with the pace to blaze clear of the defence should the opportunity arise as his goal in Monday’s win at Cologne showed, but also with the craft and shooting power to take on more deeply set defences.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· Russia to use anti-tank shells in attempt to put out oilfield fire  
A Russian oil company has asked the military to bombard a wellhead fire with anti-tank artillery rounds in a last-ditch effort to extinguish the blaze after nearly a week.  Copy example sentence
Sports Illustrated
· Reid Detmers Embraced Brendan McKay Comparisons  
After posting a 4-2 record with a 4.85 ERA in eight starts & 18 appearances during his freshman year in 2018, his sophomore campaign had a blazing hot start.  Copy example sentence
The Independent
· New on Netflix in June 2020: Every movie and TV show being added this month  
The Blazing Sun  Copy example sentence
· Officials who say they're 'contact tracing' protesters hurt the fight against COVID-19  
Dr. Alain Labrique, an epidemiologist and founding director of the Global mHealth Initiative at Johns Hopkins University, explained it as tamping down a brushfire before it can blaze out of control.  Copy example sentence
The Age
· Autumn lingers as the garden gets ready for winter  
Some plants flower almost all year – my Alyogyne hueglii is still a blaze of purple, having been at it since spring.  Copy example sentence
Ars Technica
· A detective hunts a costumed vigilante in Major Grom: Plague Doctor trailer  
The final scene depicts the Plague Doctor, in full costume, tossing a lit match to the ground and letting it blaze.  Copy example sentence
· Prosecutors say she tried to firebomb an NYPD van. Her friends say she's a 'regular girl'  
It also appeared to fit neatly into a narrative advanced by some officials — often without evidence — that “outside agitators” are responsible for the scenes of blazing buildings and police cruisers broadcast around the world in recent days.  Copy example sentence
The Age
· Neighbour helps woman escape fatal Brisbane house fire  
Police have declared a crime scene while investigators work to determine what caused the blaze.  Copy example sentence
Sports Illustrated
· Recruiting ROI, No. 13: Damien Williams  
The speedster blazes into the picture, a human interceptor missile locked in on its target.  Copy example sentence