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Seeking Alpha
· Gilead Sciences - The Overall Portfolio Has Never Been This Strong  
Across the board the company is advancing a strong portfolio of early stage and mid-stage drugs.
· Dick's Sporting Goods is having a flash sale — these are the best deals  
Hit the water with a new kayak or paddle board.
The New York Times
· Hungary Outlaws Changing Gender on Documents After Birth  
“This trans law is clearly a backlash, cutting back on the rights that the trans community had in Hungary since the early 2000s.” said Tamas Dombos, a board member of the Hatter Society, an L.G.B.T.Q.
The Guardian
· People in Scotland can meet in groups of eight as lockdown eased  
The relaxations came as the Scottish government’s own “test and protect” contact-tracing scheme went live on Thursday across all health board areas.
The Independent
· Arsenal chairman Sir Chips Keswick retires aged 80  
A lifelong fan Sir Chips has been a member of the club board since 2005 and took over as chairman seven years ago
· Researchers use biometrics, including data from the Oura Ring, to predict COVID-19 symptoms in advance  
Next up, the study hopes to expand to cover as many as 10,000 participants across a number of different institutions in multiple states, with other academic partners on board to support the expansion.
· Trump's executive order targeting Twitter will hurt users far more than the company  
She currently serves on the Board of Republican Women for Progress.
· How I made new friends during the pandemic  
This visual- or audio-based language is used in all kinds of online communication — group texts, DMs, group chats, message boards, and the like.
BBC Sport
· Arsenal: Sir Chips Keswick retires as club chairman  
The 80-year-old - a lifelong Gunners fan - has been on the board of the club since 2005 and became chairman in 2013, replacing Peter Hill-Wood.
· Arsenal chairman Keswick retires  
Keswick, 80, who is a former director of the Bank of England, has been on the Arsenal board since 2005.