Haberlerde Bomb

Örnek kollokasyonlar

atomic bomb Atom bombası
bomb attack Bombalı saldırı
bomb exploded Bomba patladı
car bomb Araba bombası
nuclear bomb Atom bombası

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The New York Times
· How the Taliban Outlasted a Superpower: Tenacity and Carnage  
Many Afghans fear the insurgents will bully negotiators into giving them a dominant stake in the government — whose institutions they have undermined and whose officials they continue to kill with truck bombs and ambushes.
The New York Times
· Guns, Gunfights and the Legends of the Wild West  
The book rattles with clichés like a box of stink bombs.
· Hong Kong's leader says China's security law will not affect city's rights and freedoms  
Millions took to the streets for rallies that routinely ended with clashes between riot police and smaller groups of militant protesters wielding petrol bombs.
The New York Times
· Even on Memorial Day, ‘You Can’t Escape’ Coronavirus  
Meanwhile, on the nation’s most hallowed ground, the families of service members who were slain by snipers or blown up by improvised bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan visited their loved ones’ graves at Arlington National Cemetery, clad in face masks and required to observe social distancing.
The Guardian
· World Cup questions: why did gifted England not beat Argentina in 1998?  
He bombs forward, almost putting England 3-1 up, but screaming to himself as he watches his shot go wide.
The Age
· The $2.7b gamble: Quibi could be the costliest flop in history  
If it does bomb, it will enter product Room 101, where dust-covered Sony Betamax machines sit beside stacked cans of New Coke, Evian's breast-cooling Water Bra, and the charred remains of Samsung's exploding Galaxy Note 7.
The Guardian
· The 100 greatest UK No 1s: 100-10  
To watch Top of the Pops as 1987 gives way to 1988 is to watch the freaks taking over the asylum: after MARRS and Bomb the Bass’s earlier acid house hits, S-Express’s sample-heavy track affirmed the sound’s chart coronation, making the Stock Aitken Waterman stable look even more square, and stuck one in the eye of London’s throttlingly cool club scene with its euphoric, queer collage.
· Watch squirrels battle an epic bird feeder obstacle course  
From the guy who brought you package thief glitter bombs comes American Ninja Squirrel.
The Independent
· Climate crisis: UK’s largest solar farm could be given go-ahead despite environmental and safety concerns  
It is equivalent to 602 tons of TNT, which is 1/20th of the TNT equivalent of the Hiroshima atom bomb.”
The Diplomat
· Hong Kong Is Becoming Ground Zero in the New Cold War  
China’s decision to introduce a national security law into Hong Kong through the National People’s Congress is like dropping nuclear bomb on the territory.