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across the border
border between
near the border
northern border
southern border

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Publications and example sentences

Washington Post
· Mexican president’s US visit cordial, lacking in substance  
A year ago, Trump threatened crippling tariffs on Mexican imports unless Mexico did more to slow the flow of migrants over the border.
· Ford may shut US plants due to lack of engines from Mexico: US ambassador  
Mexico is a key part of a wider international supply chain crucial to US carmakers, many of which operate factories across the border in Mexico due to lower labour costs.
The Guardian
· Amlo unscathed after Trump meeting but snags cameo role in US election  
North of the border, Democrats blasted the visit as unnecessarily helping Trump’s re-election.
Washington Post
· World Digest: July 9, 2020  
Sergei Furgal, governor of the Khabarovsk region along the border with China, was arrested in Khabarovsk and flown to Moscow.
· Mexican president exits Trump embrace smiling, Democrats grumble  
Meeting at the White House, the two leaders pledged to strengthen economic ties, and largely avoided the subject of immigration that Trump has used to extract concessions from Mexico on border security and trade since he took office in 2017.
Washington Post
· Covid-19 has ruined everything, including our relationship with Canada  
The last long-term closure of the border was during the War of 1812.
The Guardian
· Coronavirus Australia live update: national cabinet to discuss hotel quarantine and Victoria lockdown  
The NSW government has issued a clarification to its public health orders, concerning the closure of the border with Victoria and the self-isolation requirement.
The Age
· The hidden tourism gems that could help keep WA's economy pumping  
With international border restrictions in place for the foreseeable future, many West Australians are trading the busy streets of European cities and exotic beaches of South East Asia for tourism hotspots in their own state, injecting cash into regional economies.
The Independent
· Trump's top general appears to contradict president on military bases named for Confederates  
A member of the Israeli border police jumps during a Palestinian protest against Israel's plan to annex parts of the West Bank, in Kafr Qaddum near Nablus
· Really? China's leading doctor claims country's coronavirus outbreak 'has already ended'  
In Mongolia, which borders China, several people were also put into quarantine following the case.