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bowel disease
bowel syndrome
inflammatory bowel
inflammatory bowel disease
irritable bowel

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· Emmerdale spoilers: Vanessa Woodfield's fate 'sealed' in tragic off-screen revelation  
Vanessa Woodfield (played by Michelle Hardwick) recently began treatment in Emmerdale after being diagnosed with stage three bowel cancer.
· Emmerdale spoilers: Charity Dingle's new role 'revealed' in pregnancy twist  
With Vanessa continuing with bowel cancer treatment off-screen, Charity needs something to focus on.
· Back pain: Signs your achy back could be a kidney infection - symptoms to spot  
The Mayo Clinic adds that it's important to wipe carefully (mostly aimed at women), always wiping from front to back after urinating and bowel movements.
· Endometriosis: How do I know if I have endometriosis? How do you cure it?  
The condition may also lead to infertility, fatigue, and bowel and bladder problems.
The Guardian
· Shinzo Abe accused of going awol as Japan tackles Covid surge  
This week, government officials dismissed claims made in a weekly magazine that Abe, whose first term as prime minister was blighted by a chronic bowel disease, had been forced to slow down after vomiting blood in early July.
· What every dog owner should know about biodegradable poop bags  
It belongs to Pierogi, my chonky Dachshund mix with googly eyes and punctual bowel movements.
· Diabetes type 2 warning - what does your poo look like? Hidden signs in the toilet  
Being unable to control a bowel movement, or having incontinence, is also common in people who have diabetes.