Haberlerde Break

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big break Büyük mola
break down Yıkmak
break through Aşmak
break up Ayrılmak
took a break Ara verdi

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· Savannah Guthrie shows damage from looting in New York's Herald Square  
#BREAKING - #WATCHLIVE - Authorities Confront Protesters on Dallas’ Hunt Hill Bridge --> https://t.co/k13RENqDeE pic.twitter.com/a63gEnIKpr
Seeking Alpha
· Seeking Alpha's Second $1M Marketplace Service  
If you are an investor who is satisfied with your returns and think you are maximizing your abilities, then there is no reason to fix anything that is not broken.
The New York Times
· DealBook: Mark Zuckerberg’s Biggest Challenge Yet  
Yesterday, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled against a hedge fund and a labor union challenging the constitutionality of the board that Congress created in 2016 to repair Puerto Rico’s broken finances.
· Formula One unveils eight-race schedule in Europe from July 5  
The Hungarian Grand Prix will be brought forward to July 19 before a two-week break, followed by consecutive races in Britain and events in Spain, Italy and Belgium.
The Guardian
· 'There's a romanticism about nighthawking, but it's theft': when metal detectorists go rogue  
From here, it is a stiff, scrambling climb up Gray Hill, towards a cluster of ancient standing stones that loom out of scrubland like broken teeth.
BBC Sport
· Lance Armstrong: Did we need another documentary?  
There was the infamous 'zipped lips' moment when Filippo Simeoni broke away from the peloton during stage 18 of the 2004 Tour de France.
The Guardian
· Little to declare: how BH Lyon tried to pep up county cricket  
For the 1931 season it was decided to award 15 points for a win in the county championship, incentivising teams to go for broke rather than pocket the bonus available for leading after the first innings and not worry unduly about whether the match ended with a result.