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broad categories Amplias categorias
broad gauge Ancho de vía
broad range Amplia gama
broad spectrum Amplio espectro
very broad Muy amplio

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· Md. Gov. Hogan on school reopening: 'We're not going to be rushed into this'  
But the White House and broader GOP’s full position on aid is still unknown and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has said he wants to address the next round of relief when the Senate returns on July 20, just weeks before schools start to reopen.
Seeking Alpha
· Are Emerging Markets A Pain Point? Or Is It Your Approach?  
Today, it seems that US investors have reached the underperformance pain point with broad Emerging Markets.
· Top HHS official says 'simple' behavior changes would curb pandemic  
Adm. Brett Giroir, the assistant secretary for health at the Department of Health and Human Services, told NBC News' “Meet the Press” that the nation could “achieve the same results” as a broad shutdown and dramatically lower the coronavirus’ transmission rate with a few “simple” and important policy changes and behavioral modifications.
The Age
· Stimulus end could challenge buy now, pay later's rampant rally  
The potential removal of stimulus is less of a concern for Bronte Capital's John Hempton, who is pessimistic about Afterpay and the broader sector, likening it to the late 90s dot com bubble.
The Age
· Queenslanders breaking down language barriers and scanning X-rays with AI  
AI Hub CEO Dr Kelvin Thomas said there was a broad focus on using data to improve treatment for patients with COVID-19.
The Age
· Why are fish wars heating up all over the world?  
It's about broader issues.
· The best British road trips to drive you wild  
The sea hoves into sight at Scarborough, with its faded grandeur and broad beaches, after which the road rises as it goes north to run along the back of Robin Hood's Bay, whose picturesque fishing village is the endpoint of the Coast to Coast walking trail.
The Guardian
· Mueller castigates Trump's decision to commute Roger Stone's sentence – live  
“But I feel compelled to respond both to broad claims that our investigation was illegitimate and our motives were improper, and to specific claims that Roger Stone was a victim of our office ...
The Age
· Major station upgrade in Melbourne's south-east to quell congestion  
The broader upgrade of Thompsons Road began in early 2017.
Washington Post
· Biden’s vision comes into view, and it’s much more liberal than it was  
They are waiting for Biden to unveil new policy proposals this week, hoping he will articulate a broader vision and propose more federal spending.