Haberlerde Budget

Örnek kollokasyonlar

annual budget Yıllık bütçe
budget cuts Bütçe kesintileri
low budget Düşük bütçe
million budget Milyon bütçe
state budget Devlet bütçesi

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The Guardian
· London doesn't always know best: how the north is choosing its own pace out of lockdown  
Every part of our budget is cut to the bone now.
· What American workplaces may look like in the age of coronavirus  
Safety will be a cost of doing business: Just as factories have had to build in the cost of keeping workers safe in dangerous occupations, now ordinary offices will need to budget for infection prevention.
The New York Times
· The Police Killed George Floyd. Redirect Their Funding Elsewhere.  
We should invest in these programs, which operate on shoestring budgets, so they have their own dedicated dispatch centers outside of 911.
The Guardian
· Cabin fever: why people are going wild for custom garden rooms  
Architects are partial to garden rooms because their compact footprint allows for experimentation with new materials and techniques, on a scaled-down budget.
Malay Mail
· Bosnians protest as officials accused of Covid-19 graf  
Local elections scheduled for Oct. 4 have been postponed for more than a month due to a lack of funding after the government had failed to pass a 2020 budget.
The Age
· Sydney Symphony Orchestra granted $10m to stay afloat – pre-pandemic  
Sources close to Create NSW but not authorised to speak, said the $10 million pledge was in last year's budget and predated the pandemic lockdown that has crippled NSW's arts sector and necessitated a $50 million emergency funding package.
The Age
· Premier pulls the plug on stadium refurb but will keep Powerhouse move  
The decision, taken by the Premier and her core leadership group, wards off internal division over what projects to jettison given budget constraints created by the pandemic.
· Ministers press ahead with new integration system, call for speedy passage in parliament  
The plans involve giving councils budgets for language tuition to ease the burden on applicants and to stop fraudulent language schools.
The China Post
· AP FACT CHECK: Trump vs. Twitter on truth and consequences  
But he has not pursued that idea as president, although the Congressional Budget Office estimated it could result in significant savings for taxpayers and consumers.
Financial Express
· Villages are getting powered by mini grids and not giant thermal coal power stations amid lockdown  
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