Burnout trong tin tức

Các ấn phẩm và câu ví dụ

Bleacher Report
· Grading the Top 10 Most Expensive Transfers Completed so Far This Summer  
At age 30, and having played 13 straight seasons of consistent, first-team football, this could be a sign of a Wayne Rooney-esque burnout.
The Verge
· There’s no quick fix for climate change  
To avoid burnout and keep aspirations high when it comes to tackling climate change, scientists and policymakers will need to be realistic about what’s ahead.
· Canada’s “national shame”: Covid-19 in nursing homes  
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has acknowledged that the situation in the facilities is “deeply disturbing.” He’s sent hundreds of military troops to help feed and care for the seniors in certain homes, where burnout and fear have prompted some staff members to flee their charges.