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The Age
· Target and superquiz, Friday, May 29  
Yesterday's solution: abut, blur, blurt, bruit, brut, brutal, BRUTALITY, built, burial, burl, burly, bury, butt, butyl, ritual, ruby, rutty, tabu, taut, tautly, tilbury, titular, truly, tuba, ultra
The Guardian
· Lower-division clubs need urgent rescue package, says MP Damian Collins  
More communities will go through the agony that Bury suffered last year.
Malay Mail
· Cockpit voice recorder found in debris of Pakistan crash  
“The search resumed this morning and the voice recorder was found buried in the debris,” spokesman Abdullah H. Khan said in a statement.
The New York Times
· ‘It’s Too Late’: In Sprawling Indonesia, Coronavirus Surges  
But bodies were buried before coronavirus tests were administered.
The New York Times
· Pamela Anderson’s Garden of Eden  
“Someone buried gold on the property.
The Age
· WA Parliament bombshell: Quigley reveals laptop could contain child exploitation material  
During a speech insisting the Liberals had attempted to “bury” former Corruption and Crime Commission boss John McKechnie, Mr Quigley used parliamentary privilege to reveal an investigation had commenced into what was on this computer.
· Investigators scour Pakistan air crash site for clues and cockpit voice recorder  
The French team is now helping Pakistani authorities search for the cockpit voice recorder and examining the fuselage, which ploughed between buildings and was partly buried under rubble.
The Guardian
· Gary Busey: “I passed away after brain surgery. Then I came back”  
One couple are in dispute over the death of their cat; the wife wants it buried in the family mausoleum and the husband wants a Viking funeral, with the cat sent out to sea on a flaming boat.
The Guardian
· Transfer trauma: America's seniors suffer as care system pushes them between sites  
Thomas’s family buried him in the Friends Southwestern Burial Ground, a 17-acre Quaker cemetery that dates to the 1860s.
The Guardian
· ‘Ten feet tall and bulletproof’: how Olsen Filipaina impressed the great Wally Lewis  
Kiwis coach Lowe buried his head in his hands unable to process the nightmare that he had just witnessed.