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advertising campaign
campaign against
during the campaign
election campaign
presidential campaign

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Publications and example sentences

The Economist
· The Line of Beauty: Sex, anger, lust, danger: the semiotics of scarlet  
Totter forward absolutist Sun King Louis XIV who, as part of his campaign to pacify the aristocracy, declared that only those in royal favour could climb into them.
Washington Post
· Luxembourg PM criticizes Polish leader’s anti-gay comments  
BERLIN — Luxembourg’s prime minister is criticizing the Polish president’s campaign against LGBT rights in the run-up to a closely fought runoff election this weekend.
Washington Post
· Goya CEO praises Trump at White House, backlash is swift  
Trump’s tone was in stark contrast from when he kicked off his 2016 presidential campaign by referring to Mexicans as “rapists” and railed against migrants entering the United States illegally.
Liverpool Echo
· Jordan Henderson injury setback confirmed as Liverpool provide Dejan Lovren update  
Jordan Henderson has been ruled out for the remainder of the season - but Liverpool are confident the skipper will be fit for the new campaign.
Bleacher Report
· Eminem Says 'F--K Drew Brees' on New Song with Kid Cudi  
Brees and the Saints open their campaign Sept. 13 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
· Serbia, Kosovo renew 'very difficult' dialogue  
Serbia has refused to recognise Kosovo's unilateral declaration of independence after the province broke away in the bloody 1998-99 war that was ended only by a NATO bombing campaign against Serb troops.
The Independent
· Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson will miss rest of season but will lift Premier League trophy  
The 30-year-old will not feature for the rest of the campaign, but will lift the league trophy at Anfield
Seeking Alpha
· Revisiting MLP Vs. C-Corp Taxation As Election Day Looms  
Demonstrated progress on firming a proposal has been limited, with the most recent update from February suggesting the campaign would release a plan around September.
The Independent
· Trump claims Biden couldn’t pass cognitive test  
Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale also taunted Mr Biden and wrote: “ He just said he’s been ‘tested’ and is ‘constantly tested.’ What were the results?
The Guardian
· Liz Truss is suddenly worried about a Brexit deal – but for the wrong reason  
Expect a “Get ready for Brexit – this time it’s for real” campaign soon to persuade businesses who sensibly banked on a transition last year that they can’t put it off any longer.