Haberlerde Campaign

Örnek kollokasyonlar

advertising campaign Reklam kampanyası
campaign against Karşı kampanya
during the campaign Kampanya sırasında
election campaign Seçim kampanyası
presidential campaign Başkanlık kampanyası

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The Age
· Labor candidate calls for tax deductible holidays to fire-affected areas  
Labor candidate for Eden-Monaro Kristy McBain at her campaign office in Bega, NSW.Credit:Alex Ellinghausen
The Independent
· Look beyond 'charismatic species' to fully tackle the wildlife trade, study finds  
The Independent is calling for an end to the high-risk sale and illegal trafficking of wildlife with our campaign, Stop The Wildlife Trade
Malay Mail
· Former US President Obama condemns violence at protests  
Obama, who remains perhaps the most popular figure in the Democratic Party, endorsed Biden for president in April and has said he will campaign for him in the months ahead.
The Age
· British grands prix to get green light  
Even though F1's European swing has been shortened with the loss of Holland, Monaco and France, the sport is still hoping to fulfil chief executive Chase Carey's ambitious target of a minimum 15-race campaign.
The Age
· The latest illustrations from artist Cathy Wilcox  
Eden-Monaro campaigning.
The Independent
· Brazil’s political rivals unite to oppose Bolsonaro and ‘defend life, freedom and democracy’ amid spiralling coronavirus crisis  
His fury was compounded last week after several of his key supporters’ homes were raided over alleged libel and intimidation campaigns, prompting Mr Bolsonaro to make an expletive-laden appearance outside his residence wearing a tie decorated with assault rifles.
The Age
· Holden to leave Supercars at the end of 2020 season  
While Holden's contract with Triple Eight originally ran until the end of the 2021 campaign, an agreement has been reached to terminate the contract a year early.
· New York Democrats redirecting contributions from police to bail funds  
At least seven New York Democratic politicians have announced they will be redirecting campaign donations from police and correctional officer PACs to bail funds and other mutual aid organizations, as protests of police brutality against black men unfold across the country.
The New York Times
· The de Blasio Disappointment  
In one of his campaign ads, titled “Dignity,” he spoke about talking to his biracial son, Dante, about the inevitability of being stopped by the police.