Capacity trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

installed capacity Công suất lắp đặt
maximum capacity Công suất tối đa
production capacity Năng lực sản xuất
seating capacity Sức chứa chỗ ngồi
storage capacity Khả năng lưu trữ

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Seeking Alpha
· Altria: Grab This 8.4% Yield Dividend Aristocrat Right Now  
Generally speaking, only ABI has had any material negative impact on its sales (people drink a lot of beer in bars and many of these have been closed and could remain closed or with limited capacity for a while).
Financial Express
· Indian airlines staring at Rs 1.1-1.3 lakh crore revenue loss over 3 years: Crisil  
However, because of the outsized impact of the demand destruction, airlines are curtailing capacity deployment, thereby restricting opportunities to accrue the benefit of low crude oil prices, the report added.
Washington Post
· The Energy 202: Biden pleases some once leery liberals with new climate plan  
Those recommendations include plans to dramatically expand solar and wind energy capacity, including the installation of 500 million solar panels and 60,000 wind turbines.
The New York Times
· Victory Gardens Were More About Solidarity Than Survival  
“Fresh-tasting produce becomes less important than convenience, shelf stability, price and storage capacity.
Washington Post
· Thai man forced to psychiatric hospital over T-shirt motto  
“He seemed to be OK but wasn’t sure in what legal capacity he is being held,” said Yingcheep, who works with iLaw, an independent justice watchdog group.
The Wall Street Journal
· Universities Plan Robust Covid-19 Testing for Returning Students  
Some worry about whether the nation’s testing capacity can keep up.
The Independent
· Customers could see phone bills rise because of Huawei decision, experts warn  
“Ericsson has the technology, experience and supply chain capacity to help accomplish this, and we stand ready to work with the UK operators to meet their timetable, with no disruption to customers.”
· Americans descend on summer vacation spots despite COVID-19 quarantines  
A poor state with limited hospital capacity, New Mexico used early, tough restrictions to curb the pandemic.
Seeking Alpha
· MGM to open Borgata property  
The property will cap capacity at 25% when it reopens.
Seeking Alpha
· OPEC June 2020 Production Data  
March and April saw the toxic combination of depressed demand, excessive supply, limited storage capacity, and intense financial speculation that turned prices on one index negative.