Haberlerde Captive

Örnek kollokasyonlar

captive breeding Esir üreme
held captive Esir tutuldu
taken captive Esir alındı

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The Atlantic
· History Will Judge the Complicit  
In a famous essay, The Captive Mind, he sketched several lightly disguised portraits of real people, all writers and intellectuals, each of whom had come up with different ways of justifying collaboration with the party.
The New York Times
· Christo’s Billowy Visions, Fleeting but Unforgettable  
In lieu of that sham populism, which produced supersized monuments to Marx and Mother Russia — public works meant to last for the ages and imposed by the state on a captive populace — Christo flipped the script.
The Age
· The pandemic is the defining duel of conflicting economic models  
The implicit reproach is that global authorities have overreacted to the pandemic and that central bankers are by now political captives, bound and gagged.
Financial Express
· Wipro: Maintain ‘buy’; new CEO has strong credentials  
It has a strong balance sheet (~Rs 25,000 crore net cash) to craft more complex deal structures and partake in captive buyout opportunities and has durable client relationships.
The Independent
· Stacey Dooley: BBC host defends interview with Isis rape victim against claims it was ‘exploitative’  
In the 2018 BBC Three documentary, Dooley interviewed a 23-year-old Yazidi woman called Shireen who was held captive by Isis and raped.
The New York Times
· When Baseball Comes Back, It Should Look Totally Different  
“If they’re able to solve it sooner than other sports they’ll have a captive audience in a way that could be very good for its place in American culture,” said Emily Nemens, editor of The Paris Review and author of “The Cactus League,” a novel about baseball.
The Economist
· Echoes of 1968: History is repeated in protests at the death of George Floyd  
After all you’re accusing a captive population who has been robbed of everything of looting.
The Guardian
· Apocalypse no more: has coronavirus killed our appetite for disturbing stories?  
Captive and traumatised, we’re asking for something sweeter from the arts.
· The 22 best movies now streaming on Netflix  
Based on Emma Donoghue's novel of the same name, Room imagines the struggle of a young woman kidnapped as a teenager and then held captive for seven years.
· Afghan reporter killed as government says ready for Taliban dialogue  
Momentum has also built thanks to the government's release of hundreds of Taliban prisoners in recent weeks, as part of a swap that has also seen the militants free government security force captives.