Capture trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

able to capture Có thể chụp
attempt to capture Cố gắng để nắm bắt
failed to capture Không chụp được
managed to capture Quản lý để nắm bắt
motion capture Chụp chuyển động

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Các ấn phẩm và câu ví dụ
The New York Times
· Zindzi Mandela, Activist in South Africa and Ambassador, Dies at 59  
Ms. Mandela’s perspective of life under apartheid was captured in her anthology of poetry “Black as I Am,” published in 1978.
Japan Today
· Look out, Mars: Here we come with a fleet of spacecraft  
Perseverance's cameras will shoot color video of the rover’s descent, providing humanity’s first look at a parachute billowing open at Mars, while microphones capture the sounds.
Washington Post
· Attorney: Indiana hate crime allegation is ‘smear campaign’  
Much of the assault that followed was captured on cellphone video by people Booker had met up with that day.
Washington Post
· Army photographer’s orders: Capture the medical story of World War II on film  
But the vast majority of his photos captured the medical history of the war.
· Vikings season 6: Who defeated the Vikings? The REAL story revealed spoke to JORVIK Viking Centre in York, a city the Vikings raided and captured in 866.
· I Hate Everything About 'The Bold Type''s Version of New York. So Why Do I Miss It?  
Still, the depressing aptness with which The Bold Type captures the perpetually humiliating, occasionally joyful process of muddling through your twenties in a major city just reminds me of everything my friends and I can't do right now.
Seeking Alpha
· Why Eagle Bancorp Montana Is The Top-Ranked Regional Bank  
Specifically, the design of the manual journal entry review control did not ensure that all manual journal entries were captured and independently reviewed, thus management could not ensure that all entries were accurate and could not verify all manual journal entries contained sufficient supporting documentation.
The New York Times
· Best Guess on When Business Travel Will Recover? It Could be Years  
These scored lower, but still captured a small percentage of particles.