“Care” in the news

Example collocations

health care
medical care
take care
taking care
took care

Publications and example sentences

BBC Sport
· Horse racing's return: Five viewpoints on the sport's comeback  
We have been working with West Berkshire Clinical Care Group to set up a primary care unit at the other end of the racecourse, as well as hosting regular blood donor sessions.
· Portland declares 'State of Emergency'  
The Democrat also wrote on Twitter that he was rushing back to the city even though he was caring for his dying mother.
The Independent
· Covid-19 has led to a rise in domestic violence – tackling this hidden pandemic requires concerted action  
Women do three times as much unpaid care work at home compared to men, and make up 70 per cent of workers in the health and social care sectors.
The Guardian
· Coronavirus UK map: the latest deaths and confirmed cases near you  
These figures come from data published by Public Health England, working with the Department for Health and Social Care and Health Protection Scotland.
Technology Org
· Lab team studies calibrated AI and deep learning models to more reliably diagnose and treat disease  
As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly used for critical applications such as diagnosing and treating diseases, predictions and results regarding medical care that practitioners and patients can trust will require more reliable deep learning models.
· Is the coronavirus airborne? Here's what we know.  
Collman is a professor of medicine in the Division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine.
The Guardian
· Science Weekly in the pandemic: 'Every day you wake up to a discovery'  
The story has different aspects, and is fast moving, so it can be hard for people to find answers to the questions they care about.
The Atlantic
· Trump Tries to Sink Twitter, His Oldest Enabler  
For a moment, the illusion of a public-spirited chief executive rises up, encouraging his fellow citizens with paternal care, alert to alarms that might upset the commonwealth but eager to give reassurance.