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carpet courts Halı sahaları
indoor carpet Kapalı halı
indoor carpet courts Kapalı halı sahaları
red carpet Kırmızı halı

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Malay Mail
· An oppressed people: When breathing becomes difficult — Parveen Kaur  
It almost sounds as if the words are: If a fellow minority is involved, there is no problem, “it’s simply another day on the job.” This is simply an instance of brushing an issue under the carpet, convoluting an issue by trivializing it.
Malay Mail
· Turkey’s Grand Bazaar reopens, along with cafes, restaurants  
“I cannot say business is good for the time being but God willing it will gradually be soon,” said carpet vendor Ali Amac.
The Guardian
· Run the Jewels: ‘I want the oppressors to know that they haven’t created complete hopelessness’  
“Literally, we were looking up from the table,” says El-P, “and I’m like, ‘OK, here I’m talking about a cat shitting on my carpet and Mike’s talking about shooting a poodle, and then in the next song we’ve got [Rage Against the Machine’s vocalist] Zack de la Rocha talking about police brutality.’ You’re hearing who we really are.
The Independent
· More masks, less haggling: Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar welcomes few customers upon reopening  
Like most of the vendors at Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, Ismail Ipek loves to sip tea and haggle with customers eyeing his finely woven and colourful carpets.
The Guardian
· Boxer Sam Cox: 'I've delivered around 15,000 NHS meals personally'  
I’m surprised we’ve got carpet left.”
The Age
· Edie Falco's new show offers a fresh take on the police procedural  
The toughness and entrepreneurial spirit of Australia's first white settlers – especially the women folk – never ceases to amaze, and if the ghastly indigenous slaughter in which the Daddo progenitors were possibly involved is glossed over a little, at least it's not completely brushed under the carpet.
The New York Times
· Tara Reade’s Tumultuous Journey to the 2020 Campaign  
“I put in new carpets for her, even repainted the bedrooms to their liking.”
Financial Express
· Demand slump bites: Rupee fall doesn't suffice to allay exporters' woes  
FIEO president Sharad Kumar Saraf has already cautioned said: “The MSMEs particularly in employment intensive sectors like carpets, handicrafts, apparels, footwear, gems and jewellery, marine and perishable with their major market in Europe and the USA are likely to be worst affected particularly in first quarter of FY21, as per the current trend.” Gupta has called for an immediate package for the exporters to reverse the slide.
The Guardian
· George Floyd protests: the US cities that became hotspots of unrest  
Evidence of unrest ranged from “system broken” spray-painted on a wall to carpets of broken glass and a burned-out squad car.
The New York Times
· 4 Books to Inspire Your Inner Designer  
New books on hand dryers, carpet patterns and Soviet and Scandinavian design influences.