Haberlerde Case

Örnek kollokasyonlar

case against Karşı dava
court case Dava
each case Her vaka
not the case Durum böyle değil
special case Özel durum

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The New York Times
· Shattered Glass in SoHo as Looters Ransack Lower Manhattan  
He said shoplifters stole $1,000 cash, all his clothing merchandise and smashed his display cases.
The Guardian
· Cluster headache sufferers face years of delay in diagnosis, study shows  
An NHS England spokesperson said: “NHS England has developed a specialist support hotline to help GPs make informed clinical decisions for patients suffering with headache-like symptoms, while for more severe cases, the NHS is offering a handheld gadget that relieves the suffering of cluster headaches.”
· Grand jury indicts Jeffrey Beier for murder of girlfriend Charlene Voight, who went missing from Littleton, Colorado in 2016  
Shortly after Charlene’s disappearance, Beier was arrested on charges of sexual assault in an unrelated case against an unidentified woman.
The China Post
· Brooms in hand, people patch up stores damaged in protests  
In Sacramento, two-thirds of the capital city’s 600 downtown properties took a hit, with more than 200 broken windows, 330 pieces of graffiti, and more than 50 cases of “significant property damage,” said Michael Ault, executive director of the Downtown Sacramento Partnership.
· Mobile safety app Parachute’s new feature prevents anyone from turning off your live-streamed video  
In the case that the unauthorized user tries to guess your passcode, an increasing time-delay mechanism will prevent them from trying too many combinations quickly — similar to how the iPhone stops people from having the chance to quickly try different passcodes.
· Biden vows to address institutional racism if elected  
While Klobuchar has not worked as an attorney for the county since 2007, upon her election to the Senate, the focus on the county’s police force renews criticism that she had a poor record on prosecuting police brutality cases.
· Police try to defuse George Floyd tensions by locking arms with angry protesters  
Case in point: Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields waded into an angry crowd and directly addressed demonstrators.
The Age
· Hong Kong bans Tiananmen vigil for first time, as Beijing tightens grip  
The city, with 7.5 million people, has recorded 1085 cases and four deaths.
· As protests sweep nation, research finds social distancing most effective at slowing coronavirus spread  
The virus had spread unchecked through the city, with nearly 50,000 cases and 12,000 deaths.
The Guardian
· Raid the pantry: why now is the perfect time to reassess your store cupboard  
We’ve made it, we’ve survived the pasta-pocalypse – which means you can have at those family-sized bags of penne stashed for “just in case”.