“Cause” in the news

Example collocations

cause of death
common cause
main cause
not cause
probable cause

Publications and example sentences

Sports Illustrated
· A quick adjustment for Miami Heat's inexperienced postseason players one of keys to success  
Before the league was shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic, he was still working his way back from a midseason foot injury that caused him to miss 15 games.
The Guardian
· Astronomers warn 'wilderness' of southern night sky at risk from SpaceX satellites  
But their presence is causing alarm .
· Japan aims to have COVID-19 vaccines in use by June 2021  
Drugmakers around the world are scrambling to develop a treatment or vaccine for COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the highly infectious new coronavirus which has so far killed nearly 400,000 people worldwide.
The Independent
· The 15 best podcasts to listen to in lockdown  
There are three conversation openers that immediately cause me to shut down.
· Russia contains huge Arctic oil spill, ministry says  
It caused 15,000 tonnes of fuel to leak into a river and 6,000 tonnes into the soil, according to Russia's state environmental watchdog.
Malay Mail
· Fisheries Department says toxic Algal bloom caused the death of fish in Penang, Perak  
The statement informed that fish in cages, especially, die from lack of oxygen because the algae clogs their gills and causes damage.
The China Post
· Putin chastises Russian tycoon over massive Arctic oil spill  
Investigators have started looking into the cause of the accident and local officials’ failure to quickly report it to federal authorities.
Malay Mail
· Owners of private premises in Penang urged to give rental reduction to tenants  
The pandemic, however, caused many SME entrepreneurs in Penang to face critical cash flow problems,” he said in a statement today.
The New York Times
· How a Tax Benefit for Developers Could Backfire in the Pandemic  
Mass protests against police brutality that have brought thousands of people onto the streets in cities across America are raising the specter of new coronavirus outbreaks, prompting political leaders, physicians and public health experts to warn that the crowds could cause a surge in cases.