Cause trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

cause of death Nguyên nhân tử vong
common cause Nguyên nhân chung
main cause Nguyên nhân chính
not cause Không gây ra
probable cause Nguyên nhân có thể xảy ra

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Washington Post
· ‘See you in court’: ACLU files nearly 400 cases versus Trump  
He worries that the organization is aligning too closely with the Democratic Party and is now less willing than in the past to support unpopular causes, such as the free-speech rights of far-right activists.
Seeking Alpha
· A Neglected Treatment Space For COVID-19  
The above was my son and I being clever about a non-obvious explanation for the cause of a pandemic.
Scientific American
· Two Decades of Pandemic War Games Failed to Account for Donald Trump  
“We called it Event 201 because we’re seeing up to 200 epidemic events per year, and we knew that, eventually, one would cause a pandemic,” Morhard says.
Washington Post
· Apartment and condo communities get inventive to keep residents safe and connected during the pandemic  
An issue that causes high anxiety for residents and building operators is elevators.
Washington Post
· UK says 50 million face masks it bought might not be safe  
“Each of those contracts has revealed real cause for alarm,” he said.
Malay Mail
· Macron visits traumatised Lebanon after deadly mega-blast  
“Lebanon is not alone,” he tweeted on arrival before pledging Paris would coordinate international relief efforts after the colossal blast killed at least 137 people, wounded thousands and caused billions of dollars in damage.
Seeking Alpha
· Party City higher on improving sales trend and reset of capital structure  
Adjusted gross margin rate down 1,860 bps to 19.4%, mainly due to deleveraging from lower sales caused by the temporary closure of stores.
· Emmerdale spoilers: Tracy Metcalfe pregnancy plot hole leaves fans baffled ‘Since when?’  
Tracy later opened up about her decision to abort previous partner David Metcalfe’s (Matthew Wolfenden) unborn child, which caused further conflict for Nate.
The Pattaya News
· Northern and Northeastern provinces of Thailand are recovering from flooding and damage caused by the Sinlaku storm  
Flash floods and heavy rainfall had battered several areas in Northern and Northeastern Thailand last weekend, causing thousands of homes and fields to be swamped.