Celebrity en las noticias

Colocaciones de ejemplo

celebrity chef El famoso chef
celebrity guest Invitado famoso
celebrity guests Invitados famosos
celebrity interviews Entrevistas a celebridades
celebrity status Status de celebridad

Publicaciones y oraciones de ejemplo

The New York Times
· Sandra Gaines, Unflagging Banquet Server, Is Dead at 75  
Her son said that she enjoyed the work because she was a “people person,” and over the years met celebrities like B.B.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· What Life Without Baseball Looks Like  
The days are long, but there are perks: Sometimes Mr. Vavalle gets to “babysit” future celebrities, or current ones.  Copy example sentence
Seeking Alpha
· 4 Companies Leading The Rise Of Video Games And Esports  
Recent events like the Formula 1 Virtual Grand Prix featuring real drivers and celebrities, and concerts like Travis Scott's Astronomical Tour in Fortnite, each drew over 10 million viewers, and are showing that life as we know it may move to the virtual world.23, 24  Copy example sentence
The Age
· There's more to activism than Instagram black squares  
Cabaret queen Rhonda Burchmore, pop star Guy Sebastian, fashion designer Collette Dinnigan, drag queen Courtney Act, celebrity chef Neil Perry and many more from these shores - not known for their political activism - did the same.  Copy example sentence
The Age
· Former trade minister's 'wellness' business owes $1 million to underworld figure  
A money-lending company linked to Mr Charter has provided a $1 million loan to Global Brands Australia, which the company used to underwrite the purchase of the weight-loss supplement program Celebrity Slim.  Copy example sentence
The Age
· So you posted on Instagram. That doesn't make you an activist  
News of celebrities missing the mark in showing support for their black community is infiltrating the barrage of BLM posts, and they're being brought to task for their hollow and insensitive posts.  Copy example sentence
The Independent
· Carol Vorderman posts tearful video after 'frightening' experience with paparazzi  
One of the men then suggested he had the right to be there considering she is a celebrity.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· Lady Gaga: Chromatica review – colour, kindness and connection  
Gaga has spoken about how making the album helped her begin to deal with the post-traumatic stress disorder that resulted from being raped repeatedly at 19, and also with the dissociative, objectifying double-edged sword of celebrity (“your monsters torture me”, she wails on Replay – hard not to read that as an allusion to her most fervent fans, the Little Monsters, much as she undoubtedly loves them).  Copy example sentence
Seeking Alpha
· GameStop's Awful First Quarter And The Joy Of Gambling  
More important than the business prospects, the stock has been influenced by speculations on the gaming console cycle, drama at the Board of Directors, sky-high short interest, and the buying and selling of shares by a celebrity investor.  Copy example sentence
Malay Mail
· Lawyer for German suspect in Madeleine McCann case has no comment  
The disappearance sparked an international search, with missing posters of the little girl's face papered across the world and celebrity appeals for information that could help track her down and bring her abductors to justice.  Copy example sentence