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The New York Times
· Washington Braces for Another Night of George Floyd Protests  
Beyond shoes and clothes and celebrities, we are doing it for a purpose.”
· Celebrities Demand Justice for George Floyd and Other Black Americans  
Some celebrities joined in on these protests in major cities such as Los Angeles or New York, while other stars used their platforms to highlight a variety of related causes.
The New York Times
· ‘Please, I Don’t Have Insurance’: Businesses Plead With Protesters  
They have drawn in celebrity clients such as the musicians Migos and Justin Bieber and supplied clothing for the movie “Black Panther.” The store has also been a welcoming space for a diverse group of Atlanta residents, Mr. Shelby said.
The New York Times
· Karen Blumenthal, 61, Dies; Journalist Turned Young-Adult Author  
Her books included “Bootleg: Murder, Moonshine, and the Lawless Years of Prohibition” (2011), which explored how attempts to curb drinking led to other social ills; “Tommy: The Gun that Changed America” (2015), which tracked how the weapon favored by outlaws led to the national debate over gun control; and “Bonnie and Clyde: The Making of a Legend” (2018), which examined the cult of celebrity, even when the celebrities were murderers.
The New York Times
· Live From New York, It’s Jazz at a Distance  
Live music returns to Smalls on June 1, in a socially distant way, thanks to Mr. Wilner’s persistence, the club’s shift into full nonprofit mode and a windfall from a celebrity benefactor — a $25,000 donation to the SmallsLIVE Foundation from Billy Joel.
The Guardian
· Osaka and Gauff should not be discouraged from their protests  
Wright’s comments underlined what we already know about celebrities.
The Independent
· Chrissy Teigen donates $200,000 to support those who have been arrested for protesting death of George Floyd  
The majority of people applauded the move, however, one person replied: “Wow, ‘celebrities’ paying money to encourage VIOLENCE and criminal behavior.”
The Guardian
· Living in the past: lifestyles from bygone eras  
The living history scene has its celebrities: period tailor Zack Pinsent (@pinsent_tailoring) commands 355,000 followers on Instagram, Georgian enthusiast Kitty Pridden (@18thCent_Kitty) feeds 6,000 Twitter followers close-ups of powdered wigs and court dress; and Dean Turner and Linda Easton have achieved social media fame with their 1940s aesthetic, house and garden.
The New York Times
· 4 Books to Inspire Your Inner Designer  
American design students took classes with Ms. Strengell and other Scandinavian celebrities at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan, among other institutions.