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climate change Iklim değişikliği
did not change Değişmedi
name change Isim değişikliği
not change Değişmez
social change Sosyal değişim

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Washington Post
· Man sentenced in death of Nebraska college student  
Later, he changed his story, saying that he had offered to give Thomas a ride to Omaha in exchange for a sex act.
Sports Illustrated
· UW's Tryon joins Molden, Onwuzurike as First-Team All-America selections  
The 6-foot-5, 262-pound Tryon, who has changed his number from 9 to 7, comes off a standout season in which he was a second-team All-Pac-12 choice.
The Independent
· Trump overhauls Nixon-era environmental law that minority communities rely on to fight polluters  
The changes would allow federal agencies to rule out environmental assessments entirely on some projects, and void considerations of how infrastructure plans would impact the climate.
The New York Times
· Trump and Biden Square Off Over Environment  
One day earlier, his Democratic presidential rival, Joseph R. Biden Jr., took a different tack, releasing a $2 trillion plan to confront climate change and overhaul the nation’s infrastructure, claiming he will create millions of jobs by building a clean energy economy.
Washington Post
· Esper order aims to expand diversity, skirts major decisions  
President Donald Trump has flatly rejected any notion of changing base names, and has defended the flying of the Confederate flag, saying it’s a freedom of speech issue.
The Age
· Backlash as white ‘guerilla’ artist secretly installs black lives matters statue  
I hope it brings about change.
The China Post
· American Airlines warns 25,000 workers they could lose jobs  
Delta CEO Ed Bastian said the airline hopes to carry out the “vast majority of the head count changes we need” through voluntary departures, “minimizing, if not eliminating, the need for involuntary furloughs.”
· VC Brad Feld has a new book -- and some advice -- for startups trying to deal with the unknowable  
TC: I hosted an event way back in March where Alexis Ohanian suggested to founders that: “If what you’re doing now is just not a viable solution in this new world and in a different economy, then find something that is.” Have any of your portfolio CEOs completely changed course in reaction to COVID-19?
Seeking Alpha
· CATH: What The 'Catholic S&P 500' ETF Excludes Vs. Overweights  
Of the other four, UNP and MMM seem to have similar dividend growth histories as HON and Raytheon (with the chart below apparently adjusted for the ticker change).
Seeking Alpha
· Wells Fargo Drops The Dividend Bombshell  
Put a 10 times earnings multiple on profits of $3.70, and Wells Fargo's shares could be changing hands for $37 in two years.