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climate change Iklim değişikliği
did not change Değişmedi
name change Isim değişikliği
not change Değişmez
social change Sosyal değişim

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Washington Post
· Maryland worksharing  
Moore said the state has made most of the changes.
Malay Mail
· 'Hunger crimes' on the rise in crisis-hit Lebanon  
Walid Ataya, the restaurant owner, said: “They took money from the cash register, even the spare change.
The Guardian
· Wednesday briefing: 'Super-spreading event' closed A&E ward  
The Bank of Japan is due to issue a policy statement but not expected to make any significant changes in its ultra-easy monetary stance.
The Guardian
· 10 of the best novels set in Germany – that will take you there  
Mirroring, to some extent, his own struggle to fit into his bourgeois family as an artist, it portrays the decline of a wealthy German merchant family over four generations as they face modernity, changing mores and, eventually, bankruptcy.
The China Post
· Chaotic protests prompt soul-searching in Portland, Oregon  
Jo Ann Hardesty, the first Black woman on Portland’s City Council, said protesters don’t need to destroy property to effect change but believes the violence is a reaction to a newfound understanding, particularly among white people, about “how abusive the police can be.”
Bleacher Report
· Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Condemns Anti-Semitism: Be Outraged by Anyone's Injustice  
In a CNN interview, Stephen Jackson was angry and belligerent at being called out: 'I stated I could have changed my words.
Financial Express
· PM Modi to deliver keynote speech at High-Level Segment of UN ECOSOC  
”Against the backdrop of a changing international environment and the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic, the session will focus on critical forces shaping the course of multilateralism and explore ways to bolster the multilateral agenda through strong multilateral leadership, effective international institutions, a broadening of participation and an enhanced focus on global public goods,” the Permanent Mission of India to the UN said in a statement.
Bleacher Report
· Jamal Crawford Says He's Still Same Player at Age 40 After Signing Nets Contract  
Each one had plenty of hits worth replaying, and as the newest member of the Brooklyn Nets explains in a video by the Players' Tribune, the artist remains the same; only the outcome changes.
The China Post
· Let the good times … hold. Virus recloses New Orleans bars  
“Anytime they changed a compliance rule, we were right there changing with it,” said Cherie Boos, the bar’s manager.
Washington Post
· Profile of a killer: Unraveling the deadly new coronavirus  
When Dr. Sanjay Mukhopadhyay examined autopsy samples from a 77-year-old Oklahoma man, he noted changes to the microscopic sacs in the patient’s lungs.